Grace in Small Things (part 9)


  1. I’m wearing a pink shirt under my sweater and charcoal ribbed socks.  Everything else I’m wearing might be terrible, but I *love* the shirt and socks.
  2. The visit with our landlady was both earlier than anticipated, meaning it was over before the evening really even started, and much less critical than expected.  She looked around the house, pointing out features to her boyfriend, asked how things were going, and collected the rent check.  She’s going to call someone to come look at the water heater.  It went much better than I’d feared!
  3. Justin and I curled up on the couch and watched a really unethical movie with Nathan Fillian that was still really sweet to watch and made me want to know how to make pies better than I do.  We hadn’t intended to spend the evening watching a movie on TV, but didn’t regret it one bit.  I needed the relaxing and the cuddles.
  4. Justin fixed my website!!!!  YEA!!!!


  1. Operation “Clean up this dump” has been going well!  Computer Services collected several of their items from the trash cubical.  Facility Services has collected a few broken chairs and an extra desk and is going to return tomorrow to collect any other items we put there for them.  I had a trash bin that took up half my cubical when I got into the office this morning and I’ve already filled it halfway.  I’m going to have this place looking neat by the end of this week for sure!
  2. I’m wearing my engagement ring today.  I haven’t been able to wear it because it pinched my finger too much.  (Stupid fat fingers.)  My wedding band is still a little too small (just slightly different in size, oddly), but I’m able today to wear the most beautiful ring I own.  I’ll be able to wear the most important ring before too long.
  3. I managed to accomplish the major projects I needed to get through, even though it was absolutely insane at work.
  4. We had a very sweet and touching lunch for a coworker who passed away. There was good food and good company and lots of crazy stories.
  5. Getting home and deciding not to move for the rest of the evening.  I curled up in a nest of pillows and blankets and read X-Men comic books while Justin sat beside me and played a computer game, fetched me water and munchies and dinner and now and then looked at me with the look I was sometimes giving him, that look that says, “How did I get so lucky?”


  1. All the surplus and broken furniture and the bin full of trash and nearly everything else is out of the cubical that was filled up with random trash.  Our lonely little corner of the building is looking much more inhabited and not nearly so much like we’ve been shunted off into a dirty corner.  (I mean, yes, we were shunted, but we don’t have to look it!)
  2. I had a great deal of success wrapping up neglected projects.  I still have more to catch up on and take care of and there’s so much work to be done.  But I feel like I made good progress on getting my feet back under me this morning.
  3. Justin’s computer parts arrived!  And he spent two hours putting them together and he’s right now getting all the parts to talk friendly with each other.  And he’s tidied up his mess he made while putting parts together and he’s picked up everything he had sitting in my office and it’s all so lovely!
  4. Warm sunshine on leather chairs making for perfect napping spots in the middle of a lazy afternoon.
  5. Watching late night television until I can’t keep my eyes open any longer.


  1. Hashbrowns, eggs, and orange juice served to me in bed by my handsome, loving husband.  What a way to start the weekend!
  2. Rescuing a dog that was tied up in the woods and dying from starvation and dehydration.  He’s with good people now.
  3. Homemade cookies for my husband and my pastor’s family.  Ginger cookies of goodness!
  4. Pink champagne.  Bubbles and sweetness!
  5. Watching Miss America 2009 on the couch.


  1. Waking up to nice light and cuddles.  Not a whole lot of time before church, but enough time to enjoy waking up slowly curled up next to each other.
  2. Pastor was happy to get the cookies.  And very surprised.  It’s fun sometimes surprising people so much, in a good way.
  3. We told the pastor we want to join the church and found out we can do it next week.  It was very exciting.
  4. Curling up and watching TV on my computer with Justin.  It was very cozy.
  5. Ice cream to treat heartburn.  Hey, even if it didn’t help, it was delicious.


  1. I can’t figure out how to navigate the gallery. I click on the pictures that show, but there isn’t any way to get to other pictures. Fortunately different pictures show at different times, so this morning I saw one of Justin under the water and just now there was one of him standing. But how can I look at them all, one after the other?


  2. Mom, go to the top of the page and click on “Photos” from the menu at the top of the page. You’ll see an album in there called “People” (for now–I need either a better name or pictures of more people) with Justin’s picture on the front.

    I’ll have to figure out how to make the pictures on the side to link to the gallery page. I hadn’t realized that they didn’t do that!

    Sorry for the confusion!

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