Grace in Small Things (part 8 of we’re still working our way through)


  1. I stopped back at the Verizon store and got a new phone number for my new phone to match our new home location.  Having a number that’s local to my house is very exciting to me for some reason.  I feel like I’m finally settling into the area.
  2. Because I had to call and let people know of my new number, I was able to have several lovely conversations with family members.
  3. While I was out, I also picked up a new pair of yoga pants (pajama pants on sale!) that are so scrumptiously comfortable and lovely.  I can’t wait to see how they work at class on Tuesday.
  4. My first Real Simple magazine arrived in the mail!
  5. After returning home and doing my yoga practice in my new pants, I tidied the house and vacuumed the floors and it felt wonderful to have the house so clean and tidy.


  1. I woke up from a nightmare and woke Justin to keep me safe.  Apparently I was so scared, I was shaking.  But he didn’t mind at all that I woke him up and he held me tight and kept all the ghosts away.
  2. After that, it was fantastic to be able to sleep in until rather late in the morning.
  3. Our flex spending account, surprisingly, will cover 100% of acupuncture appointments.  So Justin tried it out and I went to watch.  It was fascinating!  And the woman doing it was lovely.  We chatted a lot about different things we could try (diet and otherwise) that might help with problems we’ve been having.
  4. Heading out of there, we randomly, spontaneously, decided to go out for lunch/dinner at Atlanta Bread Company.  It was delicious.


  1. Sex!
  2. I really do love the church we’ve been attending.  The service was great. And we’re getting to know people.  I love being able to go into a service and say hello to people whose names I remember!
  3. Because I didn’t have room for it on Saturday, we went back to the Atlanta Bread Company so I could have a coffee and muffin.  So delicious!
  4. The file cabinet in my office at home has been hulking ominously for a while.  I finally pulled everything out, organized it, purged it, archived it, and labeled it.  Now it’s a thing of beauty.  It’s refreshing and easy and I’m so excited about it, it’s a little bit scary.
  5. I had a great conversation with my little brother about writing and exercising and random stuff.  He’s a fascinating man and I enjoy our talks.


  1. It was a foggy drive to work this morning, but I was able to stop and take a few really striking pictures of a boat anchored in the river.
  2. Justin called me to tell me that his commute was beautiful and to wish me a good morning.  I love it when something is so wonderful that he can’t help but call me.  That I’m the one getting these calls to hear about how great his life is and how beautiful things are.
  3. Delicious meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and broccoli for dinner.  Fantastic comfort food after a long, frustrating day.
  4. Perfectly matched paint to cover the marks on the walls and a handsome handyman husband with a paintbrush.


  1. My husband called me “an amazing woman, you know that?”  It makes me smile. All I was doing was telling him about our bank balance and reminding him to make a phone call.  I don’t know how that makes me amazing, but I’ll take it!
  2. Changing over national leadership is always exciting.  I might not always agree with what happens in the end, but the speeches and the excitement of the whole thing, the hope for the future, it’s refreshing and encouraging. I don’t go for politics.  I’m interested in people.  And people at this time are very interesting.
  3. Listening to a recording of an orchestra I was part of in college.  Where, because they didn’t really have music for trombonists, I played percussion. I didn’t really know how to play a lot of what I was asked to play, but I had a heck of a lot of fun learning how to use a snare drum and timpani and triangle and everything.  Best, because I already knew how to play it, was the xylophone.  I had a solo.  It was awesome.
  4. My yoga instructor gushed that I had excellent form, that I was very conscious about the position of elbows she was emphasizing, and I made adjustments to correct my alignment even before she could tell me.  She was so excited!  It made me really happy and proud of my progress.
  5. Warm, soft, snuggley blankets and sleep coming easily.