Grace in Small Things (part 7 of the good gosh how many more are there?)


  1. Good times at church.
  2. Grocery shopping for fun new recipes.
  3. An organized attic.
  4. Dinner brought home to me, along with an iced coffee and fresh flowers.
  5. Updating the Creative Zen Touch so it’s finally really mine.


  1. Delicious tea.
  2. A really productive meeting where people liked my ideas and we were able to discuss ways to make things better.
  3. Running a full 2.5 miles without stopping.
  4. Pictures of a weight-group drop-out and her beautiful baby boy.
  5. Fun conversations with Mom, Dad, and Nathan.


  1. Justin updated the firmware on the Creative Zen Touch and I spend *hours* putting music on my computer so I could synch it to this thing.  I have over 1500 tracks of music, podcasts, and sermons on this thing now.  It’s fabulous!
  2. I don’t live in Wisconsin or Minnesota, where there are wind-chills of -35 degrees F today.  Instead, I live in South Carolina, where it’s in the 40s and raining.  In January!  I really don’t miss that bitter, bone-aching cold.
  3. Getting lots of smallish projects done at work that have been needing attention for a while.  Things that make me feel smart and productive and imaginative.  Hopefully not too pushy or presumptions, but innovative and inventive!
  4. Yoga was wonderfully difficult, with poses that were too much of a stretch or that I don’t have the muscles to hold or that I don’t have the proper alignment to hold correctly.  It was great to have something to aspire to and to have corrections given to me so I have something to work on.
  5. Deliciously cozy blankets to snuggle into at bedtime, covers up to my ears, pillows enveloping my head.  Softness and warmth and loveliness.


  1. A desk where everything is *exactly* where I want it to be, where there’s no dust, and things are fantastically functional.
  2. Getting complimented because of ideas that I’ve had and the efficiency with which I’ve been getting those things done.
  3. Refreshing lunchtime walks in the sunshine.  Both invigorating and stress-relieving.
  4. Going to a membership class with my husband and having a really great time.  Learning that the church is a church-plant from the church we’d been attending before the move and that they really do believe a lot of the same things as we do.  Having a great talk with the pastor and feeling very comfortable to follow up with other conversations.  Getting into the car to go home and knowing that I’m comfortable becoming a member of this church, and having Justin tell me that he would be willing to be a member of this church if I would like him to.  Even if he has to get re-baptized.  Even if we have to stand up in front of the church.
  5. Actually, let’s make that its very own point because it’s that exciting tome.  My husband, who just 3 years ago was not altogether comfortable coming to church with me, is willing to become a member of a church with me.  To be baptized by immersion (he was baptized by sprinkling and the church is strong about immersion).  And to stand up in front of the church.  This.  Is.  Awesome.


  1. Going out for lunch since I misunderstood the date of the memorial lunch and didn’t have anything to eat.  Sonic.  Yumminess!  And sitting in the car, eating my unhealthy food and playing a video game.
  2. Getting rid of three boxes of obsolete paperwork that have been sitting on a desk since we moved several months ago (September/October-ish).
  3. Being told that my plan to clean up the area is a good plan and being appreciated for my hard work to clean up our area.  By my manager-boss.  I was worried that he wouldn’t be fond of what I’ve been doing and how I’ve been spending my time.  But apparently not!  Apparently I’ve been doing good stuff!  That’s very encouraging.