Grace in Small Things (part 5 of the enormousness)


  1. Breakfast with my husband.
  2. Easy mornings at work.
  3. Available appointment with my doctor


  1. Yoga first thing in the morning
  2. Enjoyable, light reading
  3. Sudden sunshine after hours of clouds
  4. Hot bath that lasts for hours
  5. Husband who cuts my toenails


  1. Bedroom light that works
  2. Smart, hardworking, handyman husband
  3. Smell of sudden rain showers
  4. A clean house with lots of projects finished
  5. Pizza delivered to the front door


  1. Warm breezes through open windows
  2. Apologetic, snuggley husband
  3. S’mores cooked on the stove
  4. Curling up with a good book
  5. Allowing myself to be grumpy on my last vacation day


  1. Sweet and spicy Good Earth tea
  2. Exploring the music box from Wendy
  3. Snuggles after a long day of work
  4. Stinging hot shower
  5. Dinner made by my husband