A picture of me as a child


In response to your post about Ethan on 10 January, I present this picture of me as a child.

Picture of me sleeping as a child
Picture of me sleeping as a child

Apparently it runs in the family . . . .


    1. I’m rather fond of it myself! I think it’s absolutely hilarious!

      You can’t really see it with the picture this small, but my legs are completely covered in dirt. I’m a huge mess! I wonder if I was trying to keep my legs off the clean bed or what exactly I was thinking. 🙂

      But I saw the picture of Ethan and immediately thought of this one. It’s just too funny!

  1. By the way, I got the books you said were coming (there were 5 I think plus another one about why there is day and night, must be written by the same author) Thanks! Oh, and there were not any duplicates.

  2. That’s one of my favorite’s too. You know, I don’t remember which house had that wall paper. Must have been the second house by Dallas, where we just lived for 6 months while Dad was working at Mt. Washington Club and only coming home weekends.



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