Working on updates

Okay, so one of the frustrations that I’ve had with my site is that I don’t have a program that I can use to post directly to it.  Every time I want to post to Inking, I have to log in to the site, create an entry, publish it, and do all this stuff while in Firefox.  And, okay, so it doesn’t sound like a big deal.  But somehow the aesthetics of the whole thing really turns me off.

Justin found me a program, though, that should help with that problem.  It’s called BlogJet.  I’ve downloaded a trial of the program and that’s what I’m using right now.  It’s pretty nifty. Lots of little buttons and things.  I’ve got 30 days to decide if it’s worth the money they’re asking for the whole installation.

Meanwhile, I guess I could report on my afternoon.

My project for this afternoon was to get to the Social Security office in town and get my name change paperwork processed.  I went online and found out all the information I needed, got the forms completed, got directions, all of that.  So this afternoon, I took my envelope with the forms, my marriage license, and my passport and set out.

The office wasn’t all that difficult to find—a little strange, but not to bad.  I got in and got my number, which said that I’d have an estimated 39 minutes to wait.  So I sat and read my book.  And then I gave my chair to a woman and her kid so she could sit next to her husband and went to read my book on the other side of the room. And I kept on reading my book.

About 50 minutes after arriving, they called my number.  I went to the appropriate window, handed the woman my paperwork, answered all her questions, got the letter that she handed me, and left.  It took less than 10 minutes to do the whole thing.  It’s not too bad really.  In an office as popular as Social Security, a lengthly wait is to be expected, and less than an hour isn’t anything worth complaining about.  I didn’t get get all the way through the short story I was reading.  And the paperwork part of the whole thing was much easier than I’d expected. 

And now I have a piece of paperwork that has my married name on it all official looking!  It’s exciting.  My actual card will arrive sometime in the next two weeks.

Tomorrow, Justin and I are going to the DMV to take care of that whole thing.  He’s transferring his license to Georgia, finally, so we’ve both got business to take care of in that office.  Hopefully it won’t be too painful.

We’ll both be sure to bring books, though.  Just in case.

Rehearsal Dinner

We’ve finally worked out where we’re going to be holding the rehearsal dinner.  It’s going to be at Carey Hilliard’s.  It’s a great seafood/barbecue place with a very diverse menu and a fun atmosphere.  Again, all of our guests are more than welcome to come to dinner with us–with so many people coming in from out of town and with so little time to catch up with everybody, we’d like to open as many opportunities to get together with people as we can.

The restaurant is located at 8410 Waters Ave, Savannah, GA 31406.  Here’s a Google map:

View Larger Map

I’ll have print-outs with the directions at the rehearsal, too, just in case people don’t print them out.

Less than a week to go!  I can’t wait to see all of you!

Schedule of events is updated

I’ve filled in more information on the Schedule of Events page.  Please check it out!

Also, we’d really like to start figuring out exactly how much food to order, so please RSVP whether or not you’re planning to come.  🙂  I’d really appreciate it a whole lot.  (Even if the answer is “no,” I’d still like to get an email.)


(And we’re trying to figure out what the issue is with the logging in problem.)

Hotel information is now up

If you’ll direct your attention to the menu of pages on the left-hand side of this screen, you will now find a page entitled “Hotels” listed under Savannah Information.  Click here and you will be able to find a surfeit of information which will, I hope, be of great use to you.


Check it out! I’m updating!

So, the original intention of this page was to provide lots of information for people about the wedding.  Okay, well the original original idea was to have a place for me to write, but I wanted to convert it for a time to house information about the wedding.  And obviously, I’ve not been doing a really great job of providing that.

Today, however, that has changed!  Check out the menu on the left-hand side.  There are pages!  And they actually lead to information!  It’s new and exclamation worthy!

So far, I’ve only got four pages that are at all useful.  You’ll see information about the city, which is probably the most interesting, to be honest.  But the map to the location will also come in handy.  I’m unreasonably proud of that maps page.  I found out a way to actually put a Google map onto my page!  It’s spiffy.

So go check those pages out and hopefully you’ll find things that will be of interest.

Also updated on this site is that you can post comments!  And they’ll actually show up!  Before, apparently, I needed to actually go in an approve the comments, but we’ve changed things around now, so hopefully it’ll work out better.

Something that you can’t see just yet is that Justin’s got a photo gallery program set up for me.  I don’t have any pictures in there yet, but it’s only Friday.  I’ve got all weekend to work on that project.  Check back again soon, and hopefully I’ll have pretty pictures for you to “ooo” and “ah” over.

Something else we’ve also been working on (and by “we” I mean “Justin”) is creating a wedding registry.  We had hoped to have something that we could link to on this site.  We’re having a few problems, but he’s working on finding a way to fix (or go around) the problem.  Hopefully we’ll have more information on that sometime soon, too.

Stepping away from the computer for a while, wedding things are going well!  My To Do list is getting shorter and shorter, but I still have quite a lot to get done.  I’m sure it’ll all get accomplished before you get here, though.  Well, most of it anyway.  The most exciting thing, for me, was yesterday I saw a magnolia tree in bloom.  Spring is coming!  It’s really frightening to know that you’re wedding is going to be held in a garden, and then seeing that garden all dead and gloomy.  I feel like going up to the flowers and whispering “Don’t sleep too late!  You’ve got a party to be in!”  Everything should look wonderful by the time you get here, though.  I really hope so.

Justin gave me a lesson this afternoon on how to work my way around the management side of this site, so I should be able to post more frequently from now on.  Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions about the wedding or the area.  We’re checking into hotels in the area and hope to have a few recommendations for that soon.  (Soon being by the end of this weekend.)

So please feel free to check back again soon!

See you soon!