How things got better a weekend later

This weekend was full of reasons why it was so much better than the weekend last week.  And why it’s not even close to how awesome next weekend is going to be.

Because of my car situation (that being broken and with no clear plan on fixing or replacing the poor old girl), Justin drops me off at work in the morning and picks me up at the end of the day.  Since it takes him an hour to get to his work from my work, I work two hours longer than him during the day—I end up working until 6:00.  And here I was certain I’d not be back to 10-hour days ever, ever again.  The advantage, of course, is that I don’t have to work on Friday with this current plan.  So on Friday morning, Justin woke up, I lay in bed until he got out of the shower, and then I wandered around the house in my pajamas helping him with his lunch and eating breakfast with him before he left for the office.  Very grumpy, I might add, because he spends just as much time away from home as I do, but he still has to go to work on Friday.  I understand his grumpiness.  I feel bad for him.  Have I mentioned that we’re going to move?

I still get to stay home on Fridays right now, though.  So I spent my morning organizing our living space.  I cleaned the bathrooms, changed the sheets, vacuumed the house, got all the laundry from scattered around the house all piled up in the laundry room.  I watched 2 movies while working on the house (The Fifth Element and Lilo & Stitch) and opened all the windows to enjoy the weather, which was warm and sunny, but with sudden rain showers.  I cleaned my desk, including the two drawers that had been bothering me.  I found our address stamps!  I looked at apartments and townhomes closer to Hilton Head and Bluffton.  And I balanced the checkbook, after which I paid off the second of our three credit card debts.

That evening, Justin coaxed me into taking a bath.  He apparently enjoys when I pamper myself this way.  And he’s so attentive!  I poured in bubble bath and soaking salts.   He brought in candles and put in a CD for me to listen to.  Got me towels to dry my hands on so I could read the book he talked me into reading.  Got me a glass of wine and helped me get situated with my new bath pillow.  And I lay in that tub, reading my book, drinking my wine, and relaxing.  It was absolutely wonderful.

Afterward, we made enormous sundaes and sat in bed eating them while watching SG:1.  Brownies with ice cream with homemade whipped cream and hot fudge topping and cherries!  We’re responsible adults, can’t you tell?  We did have salads for dinner.

Saturday, unfortunately, I didn’t feel very well.  (I’m sure it had nothing to do with the sugar overload in my system.)  I slept in late.  And spent the day lying around, reading, helping a little with the laundry, watching Justin play Zelda, not doing much of anything.  (The end of Zelda, Twilight Princess, is really awesome, by the way.  Gave me goose bumps!)  I started to feel better Sunday afternoon.  We went out to do our errands we’d intended to do the day before—the post office to mail letters and buy stamps, Wal-Mart for cords and chalk, Kroger for groceries for dinner.  And I spent the afternoon sewing, working on a costume for the Renaissance Festival.  I’m working off ideas found on the internet, without pre-printed patterns.  They’re not turning out exactly as I’d planned, but I still had a lot of fun.  I’ll show pictures later.

In the evening, I packed it up while Justin got ready for us to make omelets for dinner and watch SG:1.  (Nathan, we’re almost done with all these.  We’ll be sending them back to you soon.  With loud pleas for more!  Please!)

All in all, the weekend was a great mix of being productive and pampered, getting things accomplished while not stressing out about anything, either.  Lots better than the grumpiness of the weekend before.

And next weekend is going to absolutely fabulous, but I’m not going to tell you about it until afterwards.  🙂  Just because I’m mean like that.

P.S.  Justin said that yesterday’s post was creepy.  “It was supposed to be sweet!” I said.  “Oh, it was sweet,” he said.  “But it was creeeeeeeeepy.”  Meh.