Work has been keeping me occupied

The weekend of January 17th, my work computer got updated to Windows 10, along with all the other changes that go along with getting a whole new operating system added to the machine.

Since then, work has been a nuthouse. Primarily because it’s taken me two weeks to figure out how to get all my bookmarks and shortcuts back and figure out where everything is located with the updated programs. And because one of the primary programs that I use is now only accessible via a virtual machine that I have to remote into and open the program from there, and then it wipes clean every night so all my bookmarks and shortcuts disappear again. And because I use a lot of macros to take different reports and pull them all into one Excel worksheet and those macros went from taking N number of minutes each to now taking twice that length of time for some reason. Unless, of course, I run it on the virtual machine, and then they only run about 50% longer instead. Unless they crash. And they will.

The rest of the craziness was because management decided they wanted to show different charts to leadership and the guy who used to do the charts left the company a week or two before that and they all became my responsibility instead! Yea! And, really, I’m the scheduler and it wouldn’t have been that bad if the transition had just been that I’m doing the charts instead of him, because I came up with a way to update the whole group of them in one download into a workbook and done, all of 5 minutes to update. But no! They wanted to track something else. For which I didn’t have anything built into this system to track, and so I needed to create the items to track. All 200 items. Entered into the database, scheduled, and then plotted into the charts.

But I think we’ve finally got that settled – of course, the meeting with Leadership was cancelled last week after all the fussing over the charts, but I’m sure I’ll find out eventually what else they want changed.

And I’m finally getting into the grove of how to get things updated, for the most part. I just had to start getting to work 15 minutes earlier than I had been to get ready for my 7:15 am meeting. And as long as I don’t have to run off after work to get somewhere on time, like I did today, so the macros crashed and I wasn’t able to send my end of the day reports before I had to head out and the bosses are going to be grumpy about that in the morning.

Anyway, it made for a really frustrating 2 weeks, but I think we’re on the upswing now. I got a new program last week called Power BI that I’m hopeful is going to solve a lot of my problems, once I figure out how to make it work. But I think it’s going to do the trick!