Our new roommate

I’ve been quiet for almost 2 1/2 weeks because there was a LOT going on and I didn’t have the energy to write about it. But tonight I’ve got some time so I’m going to try to catch up on some of that.

The primary news is that we are continuing the long tradition in our family of helping out people in need. A friend of ours was in a bad situation in Indiana and needed a way out. So Justin drove up there a few days before the 14th and collected her. We’ve worked it out with the apartment complex and she’s living in the other bedroom in our apartment for a little while, until she can get back up on her feet. I’m not going to go into what Kay’s story is because it’s her story and she’s very private about it. She’s also not fond of having her picture taken, so you might not ever see a photo of her. But she’s moved in here now, with the few things she brought with her from Indiana, and feeling so much relieved that for a few days there, she’d just start laughing or crying, just because she was so relieved to be out from where she had been living.

So we’re all getting used to having each other as roommates. Learning just how much water that water heater can hold. Taking turns making dinner because she also really loves to cook. Learning how we handle different emotions spilling over.

We shuffled all the furniture around in the house so she’d have a bedroom for herself. Our bed went into what had been the office. The office moved to the dining room and the living room, the dining room table actually went into Kay’s room for a while because one of the things she did manage to bring was an enormous computer and 2 monitors, but since we didn’t have an extra desk or, really, space to set up the dining room table, that’s currently living as her desk. We’ve been eating dinner around the coffee table in the living room.

So it’s taking some adjusting, for all of us. But she desperately needed somewhere to go, and we had space. She has the freedom to consider even having a future again, and we’re happy to help her get there.

And that’s the biggest thing that’s been happening! I’ll write more again soon.


  1. That is so good that you are able to help her out like that. I know it is a big upset to your normal routine, but I’ve found that God gives you the grace to deal with situations He prompted you to get yourselves into. Just remember not to sweat the small stuff!

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