Not much to talk about here

Justin is in the office wrapping up some work on the server migration stuff, so I’ve been booted from the office to the living room. I got off work exactly on time today so I could come home and sit on an ice pack again. I’m feeling better than I was on Tuesday, but it’s still tender and unhappy. So while I should be doing some exercise right now, instead I’m sitting on the sofa and writing up this post.

I’m still fussing around with the look of things on the website here. Justin found this current WordPress theme and it has a lot of the simplicity that I liked about the one that was up for about a day (and most of you probably didn’t see), but with the comments easier to get to and the side menu that I was missing and a few other bits and bobbles that I appreciate having. Justin, being the clever web-guy that he is, has lots of ideas about how we could customize this, and I’m trying to figure out exactly what I’d like him to do.

Like, the background could actually be an image instead of blank and he could very easily change that. I just have to figure out what image I like. And then the colors to match it. So the whole look will be shifting slightly as I get settled in.

Anyway, not much to chatter about today. It was just another day at the office. People missed me yesterday — there’s a meeting I run Monday through Thursdays at 10:00 and no one else knows how to prepare for and run the meeting when I’m not there. So they had to limp through without me yesterday and were happy to have me back again today. And I got some lovely looks when people asked what had kept me away yesterday. “You know what your sacrum is? I got it jammed under my lumbar spine.”

Anyway, it’s doing better today and I have another adjustment tomorrow afternoon and hopefully it’ll be in a better place than it was Tuesday.

No exciting plans for my evening. Justin’s been doing laundry, so I have a lot of stuff to fold and put away. But other than that, I’ll probably be taking it easy and not moving around a lot.

This is so exciting. Is it even worth publishing?

I’m going to go read for a while now until Justin’s done with his work and we can chat about our dinner plans.

I hope you’re doing awesome!

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  1. I don’t have anything to comment on from your post, but I wanted to comment anyway, just because I can. 🙂 I can’t wait to see what picture you set as your background.

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