Well, this wasn’t what I thought today was going to bring

Today did not go exactly as planned. And in the long-run, that’s going to be good. But in the short-term, it’s really annoying.

I decided to sleep in and not try to go church hunting on my own. I thought I’d get up and do some yoga instead. So, I went to go look for my yoga mat, thinking it must be in the closet in the bedroom where all the rest of my yoga stuff was located. And I was able to get to most of my stuff just by reaching, but I couldn’t find the mat I was looking for and eventually I went “Fine, I’ll just take everything out of the closet.” So, I took before photos so I could actually do before/after shots.

Bedroom closet, at the beginning of the day
Bedroom closet, right, beginning of the day

And it was a good thing that I decided to take everything out because when I got to the floor in the corner, this was what I found.

Oh, so much fun.

Remember back when we moved in and the air conditioning wasn’t working? Did I talk about that? It wasn’t cooling below 76*, no matter what we did. And then the neighbor downstairs called in that they were getting an increasingly large brown spot on their ceiling. So, long story short, the back of our unit was iced up and dripping water downstairs and they fixed it right away.

Unfortunately, none of us thought to think about what would happen to all that water once the ice melted. And what happened was it decided to grow mold.

More mold, another closet.

And yeah, it’s behind the a/c unit and the water heater in the utility closet on the other side of the bedroom closet, too.

So, as soon as the leasing office opened at 1:00, I went over there to talk with someone about it. The lovely woman working today said that she’d put in a work order right away and someone would contact me about it tomorrow. And it was possible that they were going to need to tear out the drywall and redo the walls. So, you know, please make sure that the closet is empty.

Oh, that’s the easy part, I thought. It’s already empty. It’s navigating through the mess in the bedroom that’s the problem right now.

Anyway. My other plans for the day mostly went okay. I planned to finally meet up with the woman who wanted to buy the ceiling light/fan that we listed on Craigslist and she actually did make it this time. So that’s finally out of the house and I went and spent most of the money in Lowe’s on things for another project I’m planning to do soon-ish.

After that, I went to the grocery store and picked up things for dinner for the next several days, since I have several recipes I’d like to try out and had to get the stuff for that. I have to remember not to go grocery shopping around here on Saturdays and Sundays, apparently, because it’s CRAZY BUSY.

I got home and took photos of the garage to show off to all of you. And, not to be a tease, but I’m going to put them up tomorrow in a dedicated post just for them instead of cluttering up this one with too many pictures. And because this is getting kinda long and I’d like to go make dinner.

But I’ll put them up tomorrow.

And then I worked on cleaning off the bed with all the stuff from the closet so I can actually sleep there tonight.

Mess of a bedroom

My bedroom is such a mess right now. But at least the closet is empty! Or at least empty enough that they shouldn’t have problems with it.

Closet left, end of the day
Closet, right, end of the day

Maybe the only thing I really feel good about is that I finally got felt for the bottom of the kitchen stools and got that on so they no longer scrape the floor when they’re moved. That thing I got done. Everything else? Well, I’m going to keep working on those things.