Saturday status

It was another exciting day! And I want to type this, but I’ve got a headache so I’m not writing well and not going back to edit. Sorry about it not making a lot of sense. 🙂

I went to my chiropractor appointment in the morning. Our chiropractor, Dr. John, is a wonderful friend who make sure to let me know that if there was anything I needed, just to give him a call. But not if there were robbers because it’ll take 45 minutes to get there and I should just call 911. 🙂 But for anything else, he’d be happy to help.

After that, I went to Auto Zone and picked up a set of new wipers for my car and got those changed out, with some help from the wonderful staff there. I wasn’t entirely incompetent. She had trouble figuring it out, too. The mechanism is just weird on my wipers. I can get them ON just fine. It’s just getting the old ones off that’s complicated.

And then I stopped by the old house and met the new tenants. When we went to set up the shelving unit before Justin left, we discovered that we’d left several important parts in the back closet at the town house. Our previous landlady said she was planning to clear out the stuff in the back closet when she came back again, but I don’t think she ever actually went back. And the reason we didn’t grab them was because there were several things back in that closet that belonged to her and we were leaving her stuff alone. But our shelving bits got lost in there, too.

Anyway, I stopped by and introduced myself and said that it was a long shot, but could we check and see if those parts were still in there? And he said sure, but it’ll be kind of tricky because it’s full of stuff. And I said, why don’t I call my husband out in California because he knows where they’re at in there. So I called and Grandma Rose answered and said that Justin was on the roof, but just a second and she’d see if she could get him. So he got down off the roof and I told the man in the closet where to look and he was able to find all the parts I needed for our shelving unit!

I had a lovely chat with our previous neighbor while I was there. And then I drove home and had a really wonderful chat with Mom.

After having some lunch, I went out to the garage and worked on setting up the shelving unit, which turned out to actually be TWO different units, one of which is missing some parts and has one extra part. Go  figure that one out. But all the pieces for the one that I expected to have were there and I was able to put it all together and into the spot in the garage where it’s going to stay. And then I worked on cleaning up that mess.

I really should remember to take “before” photos, but I forgot. And I don’t have an “after” photo yet, either, because I’m not done.

I took a break in the middle to have a fantastic conversation with Erica. I pulled out a lawn chair and sat in the garage while we chatted.

And I got pretty far on the garage. Things are mostly where they’re going. Tomorrow I”m going to find some of those suck-all-the-air-out bags we’ve got in the house somewhere and take them out to wrap up the wool blankets we’ve got as packing material. They mostly fit in the tubs I’ve got them in, but this will make sure they really fit and then also keep out bugs and moisture. And I haven’t got shelves for the one unit, so that’s just going to have to wait until Justin gets back, I think. And the boxes that we used for packing are all out there, but I have to find away to make them bug and moisture proof yet. And then figure out where to keep them. I should get it looking mostly done tomorrow afternoon.

And I only broke one thing — a big pot that we’d brought from the old place to use again eventually. I accidentally knocked it over and it split in half. And I only scrapped my finger up a little bit when the box on the top decided it didn’t like it’s location. Bled like mad, but it’s fine.

After deciding I’d had enough of the garage, I came inside for a rest and watched some TV. And then I worked on a list of what I could make for dinners for the next several days until it was time I went to meet the guys from work’s Long Beach branch who are staying in my apartment complex for a few weeks while they help out my department at work. They arrived after the office had closed, so I had their keys to their apartment.

I was supposed to also meet up with someone who wanted to buy the light I had listed on Craigslist, but that didn’t happen. We’re going to give that another try tomorrow.

And that was my day!