Day 6 and 7 with the TN Fritz kids

I’m a couple days behind, so here’s a quick attempt to catch up.

Thursday I went to work like normal, though super tired since I was up until almost midnight after the movie on Wednesday.

Unfortunately Justin wasn’t feeling well, so he set up the kids with Super Smash Bros. and they entertained themselves for hours that way. Justin came down to check on them every hour, but otherwise, he dozed and they played.

I got home at noon and got the kids eating lunch and sent Justin back to bed. He slept, and we played games, I did a little tidying, and then we went down to the pool and playground for a little while to burn off some energy.

We came home, woke up Justin, put the kids back in front of the game for a little while so I could shower. Justin got Meet the Robinson’s started and we made dinner. We paused the movie to eat dinner and then Skyped Nathan and Amy. After that, we finished the movie and everybody went to bed. Including me, because I was super tired.

We had previously planned to go to a beach to look for shells, but everybody needed a break and some rest, so Thursday was changed to be more of a restful day.

Friday morning, I went to work again. I’m not sure what the kids did in the morning. Justin was feeling better, but I really don’t know what they did all morning.

I do know that the pressure-washing and a/c maintenance guys were earlier than expected, so they both did their thing while I took care of making lunch. The weather wasn’t looking very good, so people weren’t interested in going to the beach. So we played a little and then I took the kids down to the playground for a little while. When we got back, we went to the chiropractor’s office again, where once again the kids behaved perfectly, and then stopped at the grocery store for a few things. We stopped by Staples to print off the Magic cards for Ethan — our printer wasn’t up to the challenge — and into Target to get plastic sleeves to protect the cards. Isaac was really worried for a minute when we said we were going to Staples. He has an entirely different relationship with staples, since apparently they were used on his head once!

We got home and started working on dinner and the kids did some cleaning up before Amy arrived. She got here safely around 5:30 and the kids were VERY excited. They put signs on the door so she would know where to go. And then they showed her around the house so she’d know where everything was. We sat and chatted while cutting out Ethan’s cards and working on making dinner.

We ate dinner, Skyped Nathan, and then Justin and Ethan played Magic with Ethan’s new deck and the rest of us watched a little bit of TV while we waited for the brownies to finish baking. And then everybody went to bed.

It’s not a great update, but here are a few cute pictures of what happened on our way to the drive-in.


Sleeping and reading on the way to the drive-in
Still sleeping, even though we moved him out of the car