Day 4 with the TN Fritz kids

Today was another beach day, this time on Hilton Head Island, following a picnic and playing on the playground at  Jarvis Park.

Everybody had fun, but we are all exhausted. The kids are pretty hyped up right now, I’m pretty sure they’ll pass out quickly once they stop moving. We’re watching the end of a cartoon episode while they eat frozen juice pop things (‘freezies”) and I type this. And then we’re ALL going to bed.

So here’s just a bunch of photos because I’m too tired to write anything! 🙂

Picnic Lunchables
Audrey swinging
Justin lends a hand
Playing on the playground
Running away from the troll under the bridge
Looking for shells in the tide pool
Digging in the sand
Trying to dig a hole under water while Isaac runs back and forth
Trying to fill a hole with water

No pictures of the kids in the water because any time they were in the water, we were in there with them. But trust me that most of the time at the beach we were actually in the water and they were absolutely having a blast.

Tomorrow we want to head to the drive in because the new Planes movie by Pixar is showing. The movies change out on Thursday and it won’t be showing after that. So tomorrow everybody takes an afternoon nap or quiet reading time and then we’ll be up later than usual going to the movies.

And just in case it didn’t come across well in yesterday’s post, when I say the kids are excited or mention that I’m not sure how parents manage to do this all the time, it’s not that the kids are being bad or anything. They’re really being quite good and a pleasure to be around. They’re just little bouncing balls of energy! All three talking at the same time or heading in three different directions! I’m not used to it but it’s not bad and they’re not being bad. I’m just not used to it.

And I get tired really fast. So me and my sunburn are heading to bed!