Snow day!

The region here is under a ice storm warning, which might be the first time that’s happened in more than 20 years or something. I actually have no idea and I’m completely making up that number, but people here are definitely freaked out about the weather because no one here knows how to drive in that anymore. I mean, most of us transplanted here from somewhere cold, so we’ve done it before. But we transplanted here because we didn’t want do do that any more! And while it turns out that Savannah might actually have trucks capable of sanding the roads down, I’m pretty sure that none of us is really interested in testing that out.

So work sent everybody home, starting at noon today, and we’ve got all day off tomorrow, too. By Thursday morning, it’s supposed to be back up above freezing and all the ice is supposed to be gone. But for the rest of today and tomorrow, we’ve been sent home, told to stay safe, and I’m getting paid to sit around and wait for the ice to start falling from the sky!

I’ve gotta say — it’s pretty sweet. Sorry, all of you who are dealing with -20something weather and still trekking to and from work. I’m going to sit here in the 30something weather and giggle.