Keep warm up there!!

To all of my family who are living in cooler weather than me today (meaning EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU), please stay safe and warm for the next couple days!

We’re getting slightly cooler weather down here — meaning we’re expecting it to get down into the low-20s, upper teens. The talk at work was how to keep the exterior faucets from freezing overnight. My coworker went out and bought some faucet protector cover things like these:

Faucet cover

I decided that I wasn’t willing to go to the store and spend $2 on a piece of styrofoam. So I went home and did the same thing out of cardboard with a shoelace, duct tape, and a craft bead.

Homemade faucet cover

We stuck a cloth diaper rag under that to help with more insulation. All in all, I think that works pretty well! I’m stupidly proud of that.

Things here are still busy. Justin’s mom and grandma are still here. I’ll try to write more about the holiday break sometime soon. But for now, I’m going to go back to talking with his grandma and watching her hem pants.

Take care all of you! Stay warm and safe!!