Learning about muscle groups!

I’ve been pulling out the aerobic videos that I haven’t played for a while. Mostly, I haven’t played them because I’ve been lazy, but now that I’m really working at losing weight again, I’m pulling them out for a little variety in my exercises.

Besides the primary impressions of “Holy cow, this didn’t used to be so hard!”, which I expected somewhat and has a lot to do with my cardiovascular stamina (it sucks), I’m discovering muscles that I didn’t think we quite so weak but are really SUPER weak.

Besides things like abdominal muscles and the corresponding back muscles, I discovered today for sure that my weakest muscles are the ones that move my legs laterally away from my hips. You know?

This one. I can’t do this stupid exercise. Well, okay. I can do about five or six of these in a row. And then I have to stop. And deal with the muscles being all “What the heck was THAT?!” In my little bit of research, I’ve have to say it’s my tensor fasciae latae muscles!

So now I have to start doing these every day, along with the crunches and the toe lifts and hip stretches and shoulder stretches.

If you’ve got any recommendations on how I can work these muscles, I’d love to hear them!