Friday of puttering and relaxing

Don’t get spoiled by me writing two days in a row now. We all know it’s not likely that it’ll keep happening. 🙂

Today was delightfully relaxed. I got up when I heard the trash truck rumble past the house. I looked at the light coming in the bedroom window and, with the trash guys outside, thought it was about 8:00. Turns out it’s a dark and gloomy day today and the trash guys were running late. So I slept until 10:00, much later than I’d expected.

I got up and since the temperature was supposed to be in the mid to upper 70s, decided to get some yard work done. And it was surprisingly cool outside for being July, but holy cow, the humidity! It started raining partway through my work outside and I’m not sure if it was actually falling from the sky or if the water in the air just spontaneously started condensing into raindrops, giving up on the charade of trying to hang in the air while being quite that humid.

I managed to trim all the bushes around the house anyway. They all hit this growth spurt where different shoots from the bushes were all sticking up at different heights and angles. The bushes in the front of the house were getting so high and the tree nearby was getting so long, the branches from the plants were getting tangled. It was all just too overgrown for me, so I trimmed it all back.

And then I went inside and Justin and I both did our own exercises for a while before getting cleaned up.

The whole day has been this weird combination of relaxing and getting little bits and pieces of things done. Like, we started some laundry and moved the laundry hamper from where it’s been sitting in the hallway (in the way of traffic between the bedroom and the bathroom) into the second shower in the bathroom because we’re not using the second shower anymore.

We went to the chiropractor’s office and then to the grocery store for a few things for dinner and the whole way through the store, we were both just “Ugh, brain is frazzled.”

But I’ve managed to get all my CDs in jewel cases and alphabetized and on a shelf in the office, so now I know where all my CDs are for the first time in at least 5 years.

Downstairs is tidy, including the kitchen, and I went through the drawer of keys next to the door to figure out why it couldn’t close all the way and cleared that out.

All my spools of embroidery floss have their color numbers on the spools and I’ve wrapped up as many as I can until I hit the store for a  few more spools.

Embroidery floss, waiting to get spooled
Embroidery floss, all spooled up

I finally managed to clear off the top of the dresser and get things decorated a little better. New batteries got put into in the electronic candles so they all turn on now when I hit the button on the remote. Only one would turn on before and it was annoying.

I started the kneed-less pizza dough that we’re going to use for pizzas tomorrow night. It’s a Foolproof Pan Pizza recipe we’ve never tried before, but hopefully it’ll turn out well.

And soon I’ll try to write about this whole project here:

A visit with the Rug Doctor