Tropical Storm Andrea

Hurricane season officially started on June 1st. Part of me really is trying to think of something funny to put in there, comparing it amusingly to hunting season or something, but I’ve got nothing.

Anyway, hurricane season started on Saturday and, well, would you look at that? We’ve got a tropical storm warning already. Tropical Storm Andrea is making a bunch of noise off the coast and heading our way.

There isn’t any reason for concern, since she’s only a little tropical storm and likely to break up shortly after making landfall. She’ll bring a lot of rain, the forecasters are saying, and work her way up from Florida/Alabama up along the coast of Georgia and the Carolinas. We’re going to have some rough waters off the coast, so swimming is not advisable once she’s out there. But other than that, it’s not a big deal.

It’s basically like the equivalant of a snow storm. Driving through it will be hard to see. There’s likely to be gusting winds. The ground will be slick and moisture in the air will make people cold and damp. Stay away from areas that just not very safe to be at during a storm. And wear good boots, if you’ve got them.

Not a big deal.

Happy belated anniversary to Mom and Dad!

Happy belated birthday to Tim, Mae, Amy, and Isaac!

I’ve been a bit preoccupied lately… I’ll try to write more about the last couple weeks in a day or so.