Goings on around here

We are about to head into a very busy couple of weeks here at our end of the world. Here’s a preview of what’s going on:

Our friends Pat and Judith started on their drive to our house this morning. Pat lives in upstate New York (meaning he lives somewhere other than New York City) and he’ll be driving past the DC area on his way down, so he’s collecting Judith from that neighborhood on his way through.

They will arrive at our house tomorrow, after they spend tonight with some other friends in North Carolina.

We will spend time with them Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, before they leave on Tuesday. Activities on our list include: going to the beach, going to the sea-turtle rescue, going to the Ren Faire, going to the drive-in, and sitting around playing card games.

They will leave Tuesday morning, I will go to work, Justin will clean the house. Wednesday, I’m not sure when, Justin’s mom will arrive. Thursday, his grandma Rose will arrive. And sometime before Saturday, his step-dad Tony will arrive (possibly ex-step-dad by then – I have no idea how that divorce is going and I really don’t want to get involved).

Saturday is Jessi’s graduation from SCAD and we will all be attending that (I’m pretty sure I even have a ticket – I didn’t have one before). I think Wendy and Rose are both staying for a week, so Wednesday and Thursday, respectively. I still have no idea about Tony’s plans.

They will all be staying at my house. I have no idea yet how this is actually going to work, but it’s going to be interesting, that is for sure. We’ve got the sofa bed, the air mattress, and a cushion and some very fluffy blankets that Wendy actually prefers to sleep on when she visits. So we have beds for everybody. We just don’t have a lot of rooms.

And dollars to donuts, the internet will not be able to handle the wifi demands from that many people’s internet-seeking devices. It never does! Our internet is dumb.

So! That’s what’s going to be happening around here!

The last couple of days, we’ve been trying to get the house ready for visitors. We had our yard sale a couple weeks ago, so we’ve had the remnants of that event still hanging out in our dining room. Tables that we borrowed from friends. The desk that didn’t sell. The TV and TV stand and DVD player that didn’t sell. Three boxes of books. We finally sold the desk through Craigslist on Sunday. And the tables were collected by our friends yesterday. I think I’ve found a place to donate the books. Bit by bit, it’s getting better. Justin spent several hours yesterday afternoon working on weeding the flowerbeds in front of the house and laying down new mulch. There are still a lot of things to finish up and clean up inside the house. But I think we’ll be fine by the time our first visitors arrive.

Today, for example, after I get off work, we’ll run to the recycling center to drop off the glass (they won’t take it in the road-side bins), drop off a box of random things at the thrift store donation drop spot, head to Lowe’s for more mulch, stop by the post office and mail some boxes, drop off cash from the yard sale at the bank, get adjustments from our chiropractor, and buy milk at the grocery store.

It’s an exciting life!