Valentine’s day update

I guess people are posting about what they did on Valentine’s Day. Well, we continued a long-standing tradition between the two of us and Justin was sick on Valentine’s Day. (Of all the Valentine’s Days we’ve shared, he’s been sick for probably greater than 80% of them.)

I got sick last Saturday, caught a cold from one of my coworkers, and was under the weather for Sunday and Monday. I went back to work on Tuesday, but it was slow-going and I still wasn’t feeling great. By then, Justin started to catch the same cold. By Thursday, I was finally catching up with the work I”d missed on Monday, and Justin was definitely sick.

We ate leftovers from take-out we’d ordered on Wednesday. We sat up in his office, both of us reading while we ate because we were both exhausted and not much for talking, and then we both played video games, in different rooms.

Not the most romantic of days for us.

We do have dinner reservations at a little place here in town. It’s nearly impossible to get in there unless you call a bit in advance, so we’ve got that planned for the 23rd. We should both be recovered by then and it’ll be a combination Valentine’s/birthday dinner. And I’m excited to go eat there because I’ve wanted to eat there for about 4 years.

And that’s the update on that. I’ll have to come back here and give you all an update on my work situation (changes, but not bad ones), but I’ll do that another time.

Have a great weekend!