I’m glad last week is done

Last week was a rough week. I mean, it started out GREAT! We were in Minnesota and having a blast being with family and it was absolutely fantastic!

But then there was traveling on Tuesday, which I’ve already mentioned was not a lot of fun.

And then Wednesday I had to go back to work. And I’m all out of vacation hours, so I had to work 12 hours on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. And because that still doesn’t quite add up to 40 hours, I had to work on Saturday morning for a few hours, too.

For the record, 12-hour long days and I DO NOT get along. I get very grumpy. And tired. And grumpy.

Meanwhile, Justin is still sick with the sinus infection his cold turned into sometime over the last couple weeks. Remember, this is the sickness that he’s been fighting since 11/20. During that time, I’ve gotten the sickness and fully recovered. I wasn’t feeling great my first day back at work, but was feeling fine by the end of Thursday. Justin, on the other hand, is still going through boxes of Kleenex and bottle of Robotussin. On the up-side, he did not actually catch pink-eye from Chloe.

But imagine if you will, sick and sleepy husband dealing with tired and cranky over-worked wife. It was not my best week ever.

So after getting off for my weekend at 11:00 on Saturday, the rest of the day was spent finally getting the house back in order. The luggage that was still lying open in the middle of the dining room finally got dragged upstairs and the laundry started. The pile of mail got sorted through. Bills finally got paid. The clean dishes in the washer from before we’d left finally got put away and the dishes piled all over the kitchen got moved into the washer.

And then, after all of the house was tidied and back in order, then I felt like I could relax. So Sunday, I slept for about 16 hours. Seriously. I went to bed around 11:00 Saturday evening and didn’t get out of bed for the day until after 3:00 on Sunday. I woke up a couple times and decided to keep on sleeping. I was TIRED.

And then today, I was up at 5:30 again so I could get to work. I definitely need more than a day and a half for my weekends. But at least I’m back to my normal 9-hour schedule today and I’m going to yoga after work. I think we have all the ingredients at home to make the salad that Luke and Krista made last week. And I’m looking forward to a week that is significantly improved over the later half of last week.


  1. Sorry your week was so rough, but I’m glad you are all caught up now. I know what you mean about running out of vacation. That happens to me, or I have to actively avoid it, because of the time I take off to accompany. So I have to make up work to do on a Saturday, like paint or clean the store room or something equally exciting!


  2. Sorry I forgot to call you back on Saturday–I was at church when you called.

    Do you happen to remember the ingredients needed for the Taco Salad? I would LOVE to make that tonight too! 🙂

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