We are bringing the plague to MN

In an unexpected change from the norm, Justin’s immune system decided to have a break down ahead of our trip, instead of after. Normally, we wouldn’t expect him to come down sick until after he’d spent several hours in a flying sardine can and spending several days with small children in a cold, dry environment. But no! My poor man is aching and dripping and miserable the day ahead of our flight.

We’re doing the old familiar remedies for a guy who can’t take most medicines (Benadryl makes him hyper and anything with pseudeophedrine is right out of the question), including taking vitamins, drinking lots of tea, sleeping, and soaking in a hot bath.

It doesn’t change any of our travel plans, besides making it so I will be driving us to the airport now instead of Justin. But I thought you all might be interested in knowing that we are bringing the plague with us to Minnesota. And I will be doing most, if not all, of the cooking on Thursday. Which one of these is worse? Mahwhahahahaha!!


So, yeah. We’re bringing a cold with us to Minnesota. I expect Justin is going to be sleepy and not moving around much for the next couple days. We are still VERY EXCITED to be coming up to see everybody. But I wanted to give you all a heads-up about him being sick.

See you soon!

One thought on “We are bringing the plague to MN”

  1. We can only hope that the brisk northern air will scare the wimpy southern bugs right out of him and he will be fine after one deep breath of Minnesota air!

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