Friday weigh-in

Okay, why not?  I weigh in on Fridays at the nurse’s station at work, so I might as well share it here, too.  Seems like the thing to do.  🙂

Today I weighed in at 244.25 pounds.  That last quarter of a pound is really annoying me, but I’m writing it there anyway.  That’s down about 2 pounds from my weigh in at my physical the Wednesday before last.  And it’s six pounds down from my highest weight of 250.

This is what 244.25 pounds looks like on me:


  1. I wish it didn’t have to be so hard for you. I feel like you inherited that from me. I can’t remember when I haven’t struggled with what to eat and how much and with guilt for not doing what I knew very well I should have. I wish you great success. May you find the secret, the key, the whatever it will take!


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