Post-doctor visit update

I really love my doctor’s office sometimes.  After they called yesterday afternoon and didn’t get a hold of me, they just went and set aside a time for me, figuring that I’d call back in the morning.  So when I did call back this morning, the receptionist was all “Of course!  We have a time for you already set at 9:30.  Does that work?”  And I almost hugged the woman through the phone and said “I will be there!  Thank you!”

So I had my appointment this morning.  The doctor wasn’t able to figure anything out during the exam, but she did some bloodwork and they’ll have the results for that back on Monday.  I also got a prescription for pain that I’ll have to fill this afternoon.  And I have a follow-up appointment scheduled for Thursday, if necessary.

All that really says is that I don’t have any clue yet about what’s going on, but hey!  I’ve got drugs for the pain.

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