Health update

I called my doctor’s office this morning after seeing Mom’s comment.  I just tend to think anything wrong will get better on it’s own, ya know?

Anyway, I called but no one answered, so I left a message and asked that they call me back.  And they did, during the 3 1/2 hour meeting that I got stuck in all afternoon.  By the time I got out, they were closed for the day.  So I called back and left another message and I’m going to call again tomorrow morning.  I have to work for several hours tomorrow (since I went to work late on Monday), so any time they can fit me into the schedule will be fine.  Hopefully they’ll be able to fit me in.

I am feeling slightly better today.  I haven’t had as much pain.  I have been more conscious about what I’m eating.  And if I have to walk a long way, I take my time.  I had to go to the main plant today, which means parking outside the gate and walking to where ever I need to go.  So, through the parking lot, through security, back through another parking lot, inside the building, up a flight and a half of stairs, and around a cubical farm.  And then back out again.

But I did get some strong pain after dinner (maybe frozen yogurt was a bad idea?) and a handful of other times during the day so I am going to try to get my doctor to see me tomorrow.

I’ll be sure to let you know how that goes.  🙂

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