Over the weekend:

Over the weekend:

  • We helped move my sister-in-law’s belongings out from the apartment where she had been storing them for the summer since the girl who will actually be living there needed to be able to move in.  We moved it all to another apartment, where the girl who will actually be living there won’t be moving in until Thursday.  On Wednesday, she will be able to move it all into the dorm where she’ll be living for the school year.  So on Wednesday, it’s all going to move again.
  • I finished the curtains for Becky’s trailer!  We haven’t figured out yet how to hang them, but she’s going to figure that out later.  At least she has the curtains now, or will as soon as I get them to her.  She’s going to a thing in January where people who have made modifications to their campers will also be, so she’ll try to get some help when she’s there.
  • I learned this morning that the youngest daughter of the gentleman who was in charge of the 5S committee over in my previous job was murdered in a shooting in Savannah over the weekend.  So far as anyone can tell, it was just a random shooting that hit her and the other person the car early Saturday morning.  It’s a tragedy and it makes me sick to my stomach thinking about it.

And that’s it for today because that last one is just so sad I can’t get any further.


  1. So sad. You don’t think about that happening to people you actually know (or know their relatives, at least.)

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