Losing track of time

Hey!  Yeah, so I’m totally still thinking I’m going to finish writing about the trip to California and I have half a post written about that and got distracted doing other things.  Those kinds of posts take a long time to write.

And then I lose track of time easily.  Today, for example.  I got off work at 4:45, ran over to the main plant to get to yoga class (YOGA!),  left yoga at 6:30, got home at maybe 7ish, and went for a walk with Justin, got back inside (maybe 8ish?) and sat down for a little bit to read some things online and WHAT? IT’S 9:00?!  And we haven’t had dinner.  And I was going to have squash but that takes an hour to bake and I need to go to bed at 10, so we’re having pizza instead.  And I’ve been sitting in workout clothes getting more and more cold and clammy so I run to warm up in the shower while Justin runs down to make food and I realize that I’m really getting tired and oooooooooo.  Food.

And then I’ll be going to bed!

And I wonder why I get to the end of my day and wonder “Did I accomplish anything today?”