Acorn squash (picture heavy post)

Hey! So I haven’t figured out yet how to succinctly write about our trip to DC, so for today, you get a picture-tutorial on how to make acorn squash.  Because I was telling Erica how to make it, and then made it myself a couple days ago, and I wanted to take pictures of it.

This is an acorn squash
Wash the squash first to get off wax and other people's handprints
Cut the squash in half this direction
There are seeds inside -- scoop out the seeds
The seeds are fairly easy to remove and it doesn't need to be perfect
Put the squash in a dish with water on the bottom
Cook at 350 degrees F
If you store stuff in the oven, remember to take it out first. Oops!
Cook for 60 minutes or so
Unfortunately, I forgot to hit "start" on the timer and got completely distracted watching anime on Netflix. But it still worked out fine!
It's done when you can push at the top of the squash and it's slightly squishy. I usually do this with a finger, but it's impossible to hold a finger on a hot squash and take a photo of it. Spoons are a better idea, anyway.
Put it in a bowl and eat it! I put butter and brown sugar in usually, but if I'm trying to be good about food, sugar-free maple syrup is fantastic


  1. Makes me feel great to know that I have daughters that can cook! Real food, even.


  2. Yay! Thanks for the pictures! I actually ended up making it a couple weeks ago and it looks like I did everything right–except I didn’t wash it. Ooops… and I had it with splenda brown sugar. 🙂

  3. P.S. I just love your captions for the pictures that pop up when you scroll over them. It makes me laugh! My favorite is either “stabbity stabbity” or “going to the spa”

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