How’s it going?

Hi!  How are you doing?  Things going well for you lately?  Keeping busy?  Yeah, me, too!

Thursday last week, Justin and I met up with our friend John, the chiropractor, for the midnight showing of the Avenger’s movie.  SO GOOD!  Oh, my gosh.  I think we might go see it again it was SO fun to watch.  Great scripting, great action scenes, great fun!  I highly recommend this if you haven’t seen it yet.

But it was at midnight, right?  So I worked all day Thursday, came home, went to bed for 5 not-so-great hours of sleep, got up and showered, and went to the movie.  And then we came home, I changed clothes, and went to work while Justin went to sleep.  I worked from 4am to 8am (got a lot of stuff done in that time, too – it’s amazing how much I can get done when no one’s interrupting me), and then went home.

Why?  Because there was no way I was going to be able to sleep after watching that movie.  And besides, we wanted to get out of town in the early afternoon.

So after I got home, I packed while Justin slept.  And then he got up, we took care of a few errands, his sister showed up, and we set off for Atlanta.  Well, technically, we set off for Bethlehem, GA, where our friends Bill and Heddi (and Jenny) live, so we could go out to dinner with them for really delicious Chinese food.  And we sat there chatting for a long time before heading off to our hotel near Fairburn, GA, just south of Atlanta.

We got in and I crashed after being awake for 24 hours.  We got up the next morning and went to the Renaissance Festival for the day with our friends Becky and Julie.  We brought Jessi, Justin’s sister, as her birthday present (Happy Birthday, Jessi! — she turns 21 tomorrow).  So we wandered around the fair, catching a show of the Zucchini Brothers (juggling) and Hey Nunni Nunni (traveling singing nuns) and the Tortuga Twins (naughty hilarity and sword-play).  I bought a necklace – I think I’ve got a necklace the last four years of going to this festival.  It was a lot of fun and I didn’t get nearly as sunburned as I feared.

Afterward, we went back to the hotel to swim and shower and then went out to dinner together.  Have you ever eaten at Mellow Mushroom?  Their calzones are amazing!

The next day, we were hoping to catch up with Bill and Heddi again, but Heddi has finals this week, so she was up to her eyeballs in studying and couldn’t get away.  But it meant that we were back home slightly after 6pm instead of nearly midnight, which was a perk.

Especially because I had to get up for work at 5:30 Monday morning.  That evening was pretty much recovery from the weekend.  We had leftovers from the weekend for dinner and I watched TV.  Justin played Mass Effect – he got the third game for super cheap but he has to replay the first two games to get the carry-over content into the third because that was lost when his computer died, I guess.

Yesterday, though, I got home and cleaned up downstairs.  It wasn’t a very thorough clean where I dust and wipe down the fronts of appliances, but the floors were a mess so everything got vacuumed / mopped.  And there was mail piled up on the table and stuff from my car that had been brought in to make space over the weekend and the trash and recycling need to get taken out.  We’re working on cleaning up the attic and planning to have a garage sale in the middle of June, so the TV stand that we used at the old house but haven’t even unwrapped since we got here was sitting in the middle of the living room and driving Justin nuts.  So I hid that behind the sofa.  And all my sewing stuff was all over because I’m working on making cushion covers for Becky’s Casita (the camper trailer that they’re living in right now) and I made that all into a neat little pile.

Basically, there was stuff everywhere and it was getting overwhelming.  So since I was feeling energetic, I took care of it.  I should go back and dust and all those more fine details, but honestly?  There’s laundry to do and the attic to finish and the office to do after that, so it’s highly unlikely that the dusting is going to happen any time soon.

But that’s okay.  I can walk into the kitchen without cringing at the mold growing in the vase of flowers (*sigh*) and sit in the living room without walking around the grocery bag filled with card games. I call that a win!

And I call this a forever long ramble, so I’m going to close it up there.  But it was a really fun weekend and I didn’t want to pass by without talking about it a little.  🙂

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