Welcome to today’s episode of “Stuff Kylene Broke!”

This isn’t really a very exciting story but it made me scream in surprise, so I might as well write it down.

Last night before bed, Justin and I had a little bit of ice cream.  We had some toffee bits in the cupboard next to the fridge, so I went to grab some as a topping.  Justin went upstairs.  When I opened the cabinet, though, something came tumbling out.  As it tumbled, it hit the glass that was sitting on the counter next to the fridge.  It turns out when a glass McCormick spice jar hits a tall iced tea glass, the spice jar wins.

The tea glass exploded.  There were big shards of it that flew across the kitchen.  There were tiny slivers of it sprinkled all over the counter.  There was glass on my pants and glass stuck to the spoon I was holding in my hand as I went to open the cabinet.  I swear I felt pinpricks all over my arm as the explosion blew glass upwards.

I screamed.  And I don’t mean just a little “Oh! That surprised me” scream.  I mean, I shrieked like I thought I was going to be in serious bodily harm.  That thing scared the snot out of me.  I’d stepped back a half-step when I saw the spice jar start to fall and then I stood absolutely still while the rain of glass settled.

Justin, my hero man, yelled “I’m coming!” from upstairs as soon as I screamed.  He came down and surveyed the situation, took the rug from behind me and shook it outside to make sure there wasn’t any glass on it, and then helped me step backward onto that safe surface.  Then he went and got the broom to sweep up the floor.

I stood still until I was sure that it was safe to move again.  Then I picked the glass off my pants, rinsed the glass of my spoon, and started checking to make sure I didn’t have glass anywhere else on me.  I have one scratch from glass that hit where my pajama top had exposed my stomach when my arm was lifted up to reach into the cabinet.  And we’re not sure if the spots on my arm are from the glass or just from my keratosis.  (Keratosis pilaris/follicular keratosis = nothing to worry about.)  Otherwise, I’m perfectly fine.

But we’re down one more iced tea glass.

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