Massive update

Right!  April!  Okay…

A couple days after my last post, Justin’s mom arrived in town and was around for 2 weeks.  She wasn’t here that whole time — she spent time in Savannah over St. Patrick’s day (if you’re going to spend the day there, you need to be there the day ahead or you’re not getting anywhere very fast) and she and my sister-in-law (SIL) went up to visit friends in Macon and visit the aquarium in Atlanta.  Unfortunately, my SIL’s car got stolen in Macon, which is apparently the 17th most likely place to get your car stolen in the US.  The insurance got them a rental and the car was found later the next day with all its parts and all damages were covered by the insurance.  Plus the kid either planted an ID or dropped his own ID in the car, which makes him either very clever or very stupid.  I’m leaning toward stupid since the only thing missing from the car was a bunch of change for parking meters.  Except that they did remove the registration paperwork from the glove box and removed (replaced?) the licence plates.

Anyway, the car was found and fixed and returned and the biggest hassle of the whole deal was Justin returning the rental car because there was no paperwork regarding the car (turns out the paperwork ended up in Vermont) and the place where he was returning the car (Hilton Head Island) believed that the place where the car was from (Macon) was closed for the month and not able to rent cars.  Big mess.  Very annoying.  But eventually resolved.

Okay, so Wendy and Jessi were here at the house for a while and it was a pleasant visit, but it left no time for writing.  When they went out of town, they left the Bichon in our care so we could test out dog ownership for a bit and that was fun.

Other than them visiting, let’s see, I took a 3-day class in Savannah on how to use MS Project and I’m so much more educated now but still not sure about a lot of stuff.  It’s a very complicated, versatile program.  And while it was fun and  novel to be in class and I sometimes enjoyed being in the city again, it was also difficult to be locked into a windowless room about the size of our bathroom and listening to a teacher over the phone for seven hours of the day.  And the driving in downtown did not endear that part of the city to me.

Other news…  I found the key to the back storage shed!  It was stuck way down behind the piano where I swear we looked several times but some how I found it while cleaning a couple weeks ago.  So now we can get into the pool, which opened for the season last weekend.

I know!  The pool is open!  It’s great.  I love it here.

Except for the pollen.  Ugh.  The pollen can stop.

Our wedding anniversary was last week = 4 years!  We’re still very happy about that.

We went out to dinner with Justin’s grandpa’s girlfriend Pat last Saturday.  It was wonderful to see her again.  We’re making plans to see Justin’s grandpa before the end of the summer — probably over the 4th of July.  He’s deteriorating faster than anticipated.  We’re worried about both of them.  Pat’s been with Grandpa Doug for longer than Justin’s been alive.  It’s a difficult time for Justin, too.

Upcoming events-wise, the GA Ren Faire opens next week, I think that is.  And at the end of May, Sara’s going to come visit over the Memorial Day weekend.  And immediately after she leaves, we’re heading to DC to spend time for a wedding and because I’ve never been to DC and I’d like to catch the sites.  We’re looking forward to the end of May A LOT and we’re starting to pinch our pennies very tightly so we have money to pay for all that.

On that note, Justin got a payment from a client!!  And we took that and put it toward a credit card, taking it from very nearly maxed out to almost completely cleared out in one fell swoop.  AWESOME!!

And I’m trying to lose weight again.  But I don’t feel like talking about it right now.

Okay!  One quick massive update for everybody so I feel like I can keep writing again and not have to go back over all that and explain where I’ve been for the last several weeks.

Good?  Good!!

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  1. Good! Thanks for the update. You have been busy! Glad the visit with the MIL went okay. And that you found the pool/shed key. And that Justin earned a huge check. Love you!


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