This is only for Mom, really, because you wanted to know when I’d be around for calling.  I’ve put my calendar page back online.  You can see it as one of the available pages here.  It’s still private, but I’ve been able to go in and give certain people permission to see it.  It should have sent you an email (Erica, you too, because I was trying to see how it would work.) saying that I’ve given you access to my calendar.  Normally, it’d probably expect you to go see it on the Google calendar website, but I’ve got it linked to this page here, too.  People who don’t have permission to see it will just see a blank page.  People who do have permission to see it should be able to see my busy/available times.

If it isn’t working for you, please let me know and I’ll fix it so it does work.  🙂

I love you, Mom!!!

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