4 day weekend!

And we’re back!

So I’m feeling much better.  My nose is still a little stuffy and gross, but it’s not a big deal and otherwise I feel just fine.  And besides, pollen season has started (already!  I know!) and it’s only going to get worse before it gets better.  Fun!  So, as long as I’m not sleeping for more than 18 hours in my day, I’m good!

Tuesday was lovely.  Not so much during the day, but the evening was a delight.  We were going to go to the new Olive Garden in town, but they don’t take reservations and the wait time when we got there was more than 90 minutes, to which I said, “I don’t want Olive Garden that much.”  So we called Outback and their wait time was only 30 minutes, so we put our name on the list, drove over there, got our pager button, walked out of range to get cell service and look up movies we’d like to watch, and then wandered back in time for them to come out looking for us because we weren’t responding to the page.

Dinner was delicious!  The people next to us were apparently insane and left all in a huff about something about their food.  We really weren’t paying attention to them.  I did notice that one lady asked for ranch dressing, ketchup, A1 steak sauce, and another steak sauce and then was annoyed when it took the server more than a minute to come back with them.  And then she sent something back to the kitchen.  And then they were gone!  And we were especially nice to our server for the rest of our meal.  She was a gem, really, and I have no idea what was wrong with those other folks.

Anyway!  Justin and I sat and babbled about geeky things.  He dressed up in a suit jacket and I wore a new dress that he bought for me with money he got for Christmas.  He talked about a project that he’s been pondering and I talked about the book I’ve been reading.  We ordered dessert.  And went home about two hours after being seated and rolled our way into the house because we were so stuffed.  What?  Other things are “supposed” to happen on Valentine’s Day?  Bah!  We changed into comfy clothes/pajamas and watched previews for the movies that we were talking about before dinner (Hunger Games!  Dark Knight!  Hobbit!  Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Slayer! (Yes, really!))  And then I read for a while in the armchair in his office while he played computer games.  And then I went to bed and he stayed up until he got sleepy.

All in all?  One of the better Valentine’s Days we’ve had!  It was great!

Moving on to Wednesday, I was super tired because I stayed up reading until later than I should have.  And I was organizing a big meeting for a thing at work that was supposed to have breakfasty things and coffee delivered and lunch delivered and the food was late every time and I was stressing out and things were just Not Going Well.  But we made it through, the food got there eventually, everything that had to get accomplished that I could get accomplished did get accomplished.  Justin’s sister came over for dinner and we enjoyed some family time there (by which I mean she played Skyrim and Justin helped and I read a book, but there was fun banter over dinner).  And then I went to bed ON TIME.

Today I had to worry about the twin to the meeting yesterday, with food for breakfast and lunch, but this time we expected it to be late, so it wasn’t such a big deal.  And all the rest of the stuff I needed to take care of got taken care of quickly and well and I finally got lots of random papers cleared off my desk, some of which have been sitting there for more than a month and I DON’T LIKE having papers on my desk that I can’t clear away quickly, so that was fantastic.

I did work late, because on Monday I took off in time for yoga and on Tuesday I got off in time to go for dinner with Justin.  And I decided earlier last month that I wasn’t going to work this Friday and I got it cleared with my boss to work my 40 hours on Monday – Thursday.  And then I’m taking Monday off, too.  So I had to work later to make up the rest of my time, but now?  FOUR DAY WEEKEND.  I kept reminding my guys that I wouldn’t be around on Friday or Monday and they were all “Where are you going?”  And I’d tell them “It’s my birthday on Monday and I don’t want to work on my birthday.  So I’m not!”  To which they are surprised and amused and they wished me a happy birthday.  Maybe I’ll bring them some cake on Tuesday.  (And, fun thing, my boss is going to be out of the office (on the other side of the planet) all next week, so I left today and I won’t see him again until the 27th.  He’ll email me tasks, I’m sure, but there’s a 12 or 13 hour time difference!  It’s going to be interesting.)

So!  My plans for the weekend?  Not a clue.  But I’m not working!  I’m taking a four day holiday for my birthday!