Thursday = work all day, home to make dinner, band practice for church, home and sleeping

Friday = work until noon, home, chiropractor appointment, grocery shopping, out for Chinese buffet with friends, home with friends to make cookies and watch Dr Who and then sleep.

Saturday = sleep most of the morning, kick Justin out of bed by snoring too loudly, give back the bed when I wake up and let him sleep some more, wake him up a couple hours later, go back to reading, fall asleep on the couch, go back to bed and sleep for 3 more hours, finally shower, get tired again but refuse to go back to sleep when I’ve only been awake for a couple hours all day.

I think I might be coming down with something.

Wednesday it felt like I accidentally got a piece of the pizza I had for lunch up my nose.  It hurt and I couldn’t blow it out or flush it out with my neti pot.  Thursday, I was still feeling weirdness in my sinuses, started sneezing a lot in the afternoon, but still felt like something was stuck up my nose.  Snored a lot that night..  Friday, woke up feeling like my sinuses were stuffed full of cotton that was overflowing into my brain.  Couldn’t smell a thing.  Couldn’t hear well.  Talked more quietly than necessary because it sounded loud in my head.  Snored a lot overnight.

I’m exhausted.  And I have to sing tomorrow.