Silence from the Southern front


I haven’t felt like writing much lately.  I feel kinda bad about it because I know some of you come here every day to check if I’ve put up anything new.  But I just can’t get myself to write anything lately.  And it’s not that things are quiet — things are pretty busy, actually.  I have plenty of things that I could write about.  I just haven’t felt like I could open up the website and put anything down in words.

Are we done with winter yet?

Okay.  Update.  Randomness one paragraph at a time.  In no particular order.

Yesterday I accidentally burned my arm while doing my ironing.  I have a burn about 2 inches long on the outside of my right arm.  And when I went to bed, it was rubbing on the bedding, so I asked Justin to help me put an Ace wrap around it, covering the cotton swabs, covering the aloe, covering the burn.  (Don’t blame him for anything that comes after this — it was my stupid idea).  I woke up this morning and discovered I’d cut off circulation to my hand overnight. My hand was numb and tingling and swollen up so much I couldn’t make a fist and the knuckles on the back of my hands were little dimples.  It was possibly one of the freakiest things to wake up to see attached at the end of my arm.  I removed the wrap and started rubbing my hand and making fists to try to get the circulation going and by the time I got to work, it was considerably smaller.  Now, this evening, it’s back to normal size.  It’s not redder than my other hand anymore either.  But it is still a little tingling.  I went to talk with the nurse over lunch and she said there’s no permanent damage and it’ll right itself eventually.  But when we get to the store next, I’m buying gauze and medical tape and not wrapping my arm like that ever again.

Now that I’m working this job and I have more flexibility with my schedule, I’ve gone back to the four 9-hour days and 4-hours on Friday.  This means I get out of work at 4:30.  This means I can make it to the yoga classes held at the other building on Monday and Wednesday.  Which means I’m going to FREE yoga TWICE a week.  And it’s wonderful!  I missed yoga.  I find it interesting and humbling how much I remember about the poses and how much I’m not able to do them compared to when I was doing this more often and how I can do some poses without too much trouble but others are completely impossible for me right now.  Case in point:  Half Moon pose, modified so my hand is on a block instead of on the floor, I can do almost without falling over.  But Cow Face pose?  I can’t even get one leg over the other, not to mention trying to get my hands to grab one another.  Just getting seated to do that pose is impossible.  But I’m getting better and I’m getting stronger and I just have to give it time and keep working.  Plus, on days when I’m not doing yoga, Justin and I are trying to get out to go running, which will also help.

I’m irritated at my doctor and my pharmacist.  I called in early last week to refill two prescriptions.  One of them I got without much trouble.  The other one was out of refills and had to get called in by my doctor.  That was Tuesday.  They finally did that today.  And when I went to pick it up, the insurance won’t cover it until she calls in to explain why I’m taking it.  It’s for restless leg.  I’m taking it so I don’t kick Justin out of bed at night and cover his legs in bruises.  So I paid full price for 5 pills and I’m calling my doctor again tomorrow.  I actually went over to my doctor’s office on my lunch hour today to hand in paperwork to get my prescriptions moved to an online pharmacy, which will (I hope) make this whole thing much more streamlined.  I tried to get her to fill out that paperwork BEFORE CHRISTMAS but she didn’t get it done in the 10-day window that the paperwork required.  So I had to do it again, take it over, talk with the receptionist who told me that they could do it for the prescription that they renewed today (done before the current month’s pills are gone) but they’d like to wait until the other prescription is out of refills.  The whole thing is such a mess.  But at least we got Justin’s meds on the online thing and set up with automatic refills and hopefully won’t ever have to deal with him having to threaten malpractice to a doctor for not renewing his antidepressants.  That was not a fun day.

I have friends over every weekend now — we make dinner and watch Dr. Who.  It’s WONDERFUL.  The friends thing.  Dr. Who is good, too.  But mostly the friends thing.

We had a bunch of people at the house on Saturday a week ago.  Another game night when we open the house to whoever on the game group website would like to come over.  We had 8 people over, I think?  We played Apples to Apples and introduced 4 people to Munchkin for the first time.  It was a blast!

Things that are on my list of things to do at work tomorrow:

  • Finish getting R—‘s trip to Denver set up with the travel department
  • Get the food set up for A—‘s lunch presentation to the big-wigs
  • Finish linking the cells in the Excel workbook with the source document
  • Work the math out to figure out the hours spent per department on this project last week
  • Follow up with several people regarding deadlines for projects due this week
  • Figure out how to ship that box back to the supplier
  • Get a hold of S— in finance and get the right account charged for that event
  • Get the standardized template out to the guys for updates on their tasks
  • And more…

Things on my list of things to do at home:

  • Write thank you notes to Mom/Dad and Grandma.

But for now?  TIRED.  And going to bed.


  1. Thanks for the update! Sorry I didn’t remember to call you back on Saturday… I was out grocery shopping with Chloe, then yesterday we had people over for the game and now it’s today already! Where does time go? I’m glad your hand is back to normal. 🙂

  2. That is freaky about your hand. You would think it would have hurt enough to wake you, but I guess not.
    Glad to hear from you. I think about calling sometimes, but then I think you might be busy or have company or whatever, so I don’t. When is a good time to call?

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