House guest

I was sitting on the couch a couple days after getting back from Minnesota (which is relevant only because the Christmas tree was still up and the fake ficus tree was behind the couch) and heard a weird rustling sound from the ficus tree.  I looked over and tried to figure out what could be making the branches on a fake tree rustle while inside and away from any ventilation.

I saw this:

So I looked closer.

Can you see it?

He’s kinda little.  Let me zoom in a bunch.  Here you go:


I’m not sure what he was doing, but he looked pretty happy.  It’s not like he’s going to cause any trouble, so I left him be.  It’s kinda chilly outside right now.  When it gets warmer, we’ll put the tree outside and let him run away, if he hasn’t done so already.  I haven’t seen him since we moved the Christmas tree out of the house and moved the ficus back closer to the door.


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