1st day of work

First day of my new job!  It went smoothly.  I mean, okay, my boss left around noon and he’ll be out of the office until Friday morning.  He left a list of things for me to figure out before he gets back.  So it’s not like I have nothing to do, that’s for sure!  My boxes of stuff were already at my desk by the time I got there this morning, so after checking in with the boss and getting my tasks, I got to start unpacking and settling into my new space.  I have more desk space than I used to have, but I don’t take up a lot of space, so it’s mostly just empty.  It makes me feel minimalistic!  Sort of.  (Not really.)

Anyway, today was a mix of hectic mixed with patches of “so what should I do now?”  Calling to get someone to fix the copier, emailing someone else to get toner cartridges for the printer, calling to get my phone number transferred over to my new desk, calling again to ask why only people in my building were able to call, setting up a meeting and calling people to make sure they’d be able to come to the meeting, and then getting an email saying that another meeting is being held at the same time involving most of the same people.  I’m going to let the boss figure out that one.  But I should probably still set up the coffee he asked for.  So far, it’s a lot of administraive assistant-type work, but I’m confident that it’s going to be a lot more than that.  Super admin plus!  I can order coffee AND plot all your tasks into Excel and Project and explain all about your resource issues!

I have a lot of tasks to learn:  they’re tracking a lot of information in a lot of different places and I have to figure out all those places and who needs what information and by when.  Having the boss away this week is actually going to be really helpful in that since I get to focus on what everybody else needs in the quiet of his absence.  After his return, things will pick up pace a lot.  So everything I can figure out this week will make next week so much easier.  Which is obvious, but still.  I’m glad it seems like I’ll get a quiet week to roll into this job.

Here’s hoping that my cold will finally go away so I can concentrate on the work!  And it’s be really fantastic if my tailbone would let me sit down on a chair like normal instead of sending spikes of pain up my spine.  Sitting without pain and not coughing up a lung, doesn’t sound like too much to ask, right?

Good luck on your first day tomorrow, Nathan!

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