Health update

Justin and I are still under the weather.  My nose is running less than the last couple days, but I’m coughing more.  I’m exhausted, which is usually a sign that my immune system is working hard.  My ear was aching a little yesterday, but I put a warm compress on it a handful of times and today it’s doing much better.  And my tailbone still hurts, too, just in case you were wondering.

Justin is blowing his nose a lot, but not really coughing (yet).  He’s also exhausted, but that’s partially because (a) when he woke up last night I was snoring so loudly it was hard to fall asleep and (b) when he closes his eyes sometimes, he feels like he’s falling.  That, obviously, makes it hard to fall asleep, too, so he’s been waking up and sitting in his office until the dizziness goes away and he’s able to fall back asleep.  I think his ears still feel weird, too, like they’re blocked up or won’t equalize, but I’m not really sure and I don’t feel like asking him right now.

Short and long of it is that we’re still sick.  I took an expectorant this afternoon, so hopefully that’ll help with my cough.  We both took a nap this afternoon.  We’ve been following Dad’s advice to “take it easy and drink lots of fluids.”  Hot chocolate counts, right?  We’re almost out of orange juice.


  1. I know the feeling – Dad and I are still sick. His cough is improving and I haven’t got that yet, just the running, running, running nose and sneezing, etc. Hopefully I won’t get the cough!


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