I quit!

I handed in my official resignation letter today.  My boss already knew it was coming, since I told him I didn’t apply for the job that they put up on the job board as a counter offer to the position pulling me away.  But I have my offer letter now for my new job and I’ll walk that over to HR tomorrow sometime.  I’ve given my present job my 2 week notice.

The unintentional thing about that is that I’m here this week – one of a very short list of employees in the office this week – and then I’m out on vacation for 2 weeks.  So I’ll work this week and then when I come back from vacation, I’ll start my new job!  Talk about short notice! 

It makes for interesting compare and contrast to my previous job in Toccoa.

When I quit my job in Toccoa, I gave them a 3 months notice.  And when I left they still hadn’t interviewed anyone to fill my position.  This job:  They’re hoping to offer someone the job later this week.

When I quit Toccoa, there was a huge amount of guilt laid on because I was leaving my “ministry.”  Here, people have told me to do what I think is best for my career.  They’re sad to see me go, but completely supportive.

It’s exciting and terrifying.  And I’ve got a couple days to try to wrap up all my projects, get word around to people who work with me on different projects, hand off the 5S program to someone else, and try to write up a manual explaining how I do a lot of the things that I do.  And I’ll miss the people who I work with right now, but I’m looking forward to a new direction.

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  1. Excellent! You must have had a very busy month. It will be good to be in just one job. You must tell us about it when you have time.


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