I am why we can’t have nice things.

I hope everybody had a delightful weekend!

Mine consisted of the following highlights:  Watching Justin play BioShock 2, shattering the side of a glass decorative bowl, taking down the Halloween decorations, and watching several episodes of Terra Nova with Justin.

It was a quiet weekend, which was good because Justin’s knee is still bothering him.  He’s been icing it and taking Advil and it’s getting better.  But he’s not able to move around on it a lot yet.

And I had to work several hours of overtime on Friday, putting the whipped topping on the end of a stressful week, so I was perfectly happy to sit on my butt on Saturday, watching Justin play a creepy video game.  We did spend some time getting the house back in order, but then we sat back down again with pizza and watched the first couple episodes of Terra Nova.  It’s a fun show!  It sounded kinda corny to me, looking at the previews, but I’ve been delightfully proven wrong.

After church on Sunday we started cleaning up the Halloween decorations.  I put so much time and effort into cutting out the bats that I didn’t want to take them down right away – but it’s been more than a week and they needed to go.  While working on un-decorating, I accidentally broke the glass bowl that was sitting on the table – it’s one of those rounded ones that we used on the tables for our wedding.  We have a dozen more of them out in the closet, so I’m not heartbroken about it or anything.  But it scared the snot out of me!

I grabbed the edge of it, forgetting that it was full of sand and rocks and REALLY HEAVY, so when I tried to pull it, it gave a loud POP! and I ended up with a fistful of glass shards.  I was standing next to the dining room table, so I shook the glass from my hand onto the table and ran upstairs to wash my hand under water and see how badly I’d hurt myself.  Amazingly enough, I only had one tiny little cut just below the bottom joint of my index finger.  But my heart was racing so fast that the cut was bleeding profusely.  I got Justin to bandage me up because I was too shaken up to do it with one hand, and got him to pull the sliver that I found afterward, and then I just sat still for about 30 minutes until I was calm again.  I don’t know what it was, but it scared me a lot.  I break things all the time, but they don’t usually make me shake the way this thing did.

Justin, wonderful man that he is, cleaned up the glass for me, vacuuming the floor and the carpet and the tablecloth, so I didn’t have to worry about cutting myself during the clean-up.  I could have done it myself, but it works better this way – he gets to feel all defender protective of me and I get to feel protected.  What girl doesn’t like to feel protected now and then by a man wielding a vacuum cleaner?

What’s the phrase?  “No woman has ever shot a man while he was washing the dishes.”

One thought on “I am why we can’t have nice things.”

  1. I love that phrase. I think I’ll print it out nice and put it on the refrigerator!
    Sorry about the glass bowl.


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