Job update

I am going to take the job offer to transfer to another department in the company.  I’m feeling very comfortable about the decision — though also really anxious and nervous and all those feelings that go along with that.  It’s still hush-hush because it hasn’t been posted on the jobs board yet, so the process is that the deparment offering the job has to put it up on the boards, take applications, do interviews, and I have to go through all the official hoops in order to get from here to there.  Absolutely soonest it could happen is a month, but it’ll probably take at least until the beginning of the year.  Though I might start going over to the other department pretty soon to start learning what’s going on and all of that.  I haven’t had a chance to really speak with the guy who offered me the job other than to tell him that I’m interested — so I’m sure I’ll learn a lot more information once I’ve had a chance to talk with him.

But I wanted to let you all know as soon as I’d made my decision.  🙂

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