And that’s it for October

Oy, a week gone already?

Okay, since last week, my back has gotten a lot better.  Of course, Justin’s back has been killing him in a completely different way, but he’s been sitting on the  heat pack.  We’ll go back to the chiropractor’s office again tomorrow.

Work has been nuts, but it’s only going to get worse as we go through November.  And more on that later, probably.

I did not, however, work on Friday because we had a party here that evening and Justin and I spent the day getting ready.  I’ll do some pictures at the end.  A bunch of geeks we know get together every month or so to play card games.  We switch between who hosts, but it was our turn this time, and it was a whole lotta fun!  I cut a ton of bats out and hung them from the ceiling.  Justin wanted to dress up as Count van Count from Sesame Street, so I dressed up as Countess von Backwards (I’m not making her up) complete with the purple skin and all.  Can I say?  That was a lot more trouble than it was worth.

Anyway, we had Indiana Jones and a cowgirl, a Valkyrie and a dead Norse warrior, a couple renaissance girls, a hippie, an Arabian prince, and a guy who said he was Jimmy Buffett but who just decided last minute to come to the party.  And we had lots of food, played Gloom, roasted marshmallows and told stories over the fire, and had, all in all, a really fantastic time.

Meaning, after all that, on Saturday Justin and I were completely zonked and didn’t get out of pajamas all day.  We showered and put on clean pajamas.  I spent the whole day reading a library book that was due.  And that was it.  We didn’t even get around to cleaning until after church on Sunday.  And then we had friends over again on Sunday (sort of a recurring event) and we played a game of Munchkin with them.

So much of last week was spent getting ready for the party.  I spent a lot of time cutting out bats and getting the house ready.  It was definitely worth it because a lot of people, even kids trick-or-treating tonight, commented on how great the house looks.  But it’s a relief to not be working on that today.

Anyway, stepping back to talk about work for just a minute, we’ve got six or seven projects in the works for November, so it’s going to be crazy busy.  And add to that, a job offer was dropped on my lap today and if I say “yes” the guy offering it would want me to start transitioning over to it as soon as possible — like next week.  It’s an other department at work and it *sounds* really exciting, but I haven’t decided yet.  And the guy offering it asked me to not talk about it, but I think he meant not talk about it AT WORK and I’m pretty darn sure none of my coworkers read this.  (And if they do, they haven’t said anything yet, and I don’t expect them to start now.)  I have to let him know by the end of the week, so you’ll all know as soon as I decide, too.

And now pictures from the party!

Justin as Count van Count from Sesame Street
The Count and Countess -- SO MUCH PURPLE
A view of the dining room decorations
A creepy sofa table vignette
The skull seemed like a necessary element
Ghosts hung out by the dining room light
Bats hung out in the entryway and hall
There were mice along the floorboards
Our late-Norseman
Friends enjoying a game of Gloom
More of our friends


  1. Wow! You really know how to decorate for a party. That looks awesome. You should hire out like that gal on HGTV. Looks like you had fun!

  2. WOW–look at those decorations! I’m totally inspired to decorate more next year for our pumpkin party. 🙂 Your purple skin makes me laugh. Did it come off okay?

    1. Thanks! The purple came off pretty easily, though it did smell like sour eggs when we washed it off, which was really weird. It came off clothes pretty well, too, which was a relief because of Justin’s shirt. I think there’s a tiny little spot left on my bra strap, but that’s it! The picture doesn’t really show it well, but I had purple all up my arms and across my front *and* back down to my bra-strap. It was SO MUCH PURPLE. I’m not going to do that again.

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