Justin and I went to Savannah today to get his hair cut and I decided, since we were going, that I would get mine done, too.  It’s been somewhere between 6 months to a year since I got my hair cut professionally, and the ends were starting to worry me.  Plus, it sounded like a nice treat.

So!  You get before and after photos.  (Ignore that I haven’t lost any weight and . . . do I always have those bags under my eyes?)

Front view: before the haircut
Back view: before the haircut
Front view: after the haircut
Back view: after the haircut

It’s kinda hard to tell, but she took off about 4 inches at the longest part, and obviously  much more than that along the front.  It’s not showing it great, but there’s feathering along the front from starting under my chin down the length of the front, and then there’s a long layer in the back.  I love it!  I love the feathering in the front and that the ends are nice and smooth.  And it all still pulls back into a ponytail, though I’m sure I’m going to find some hairstyles that I’m used to doing that will suddenly have nice framing locks hanging loose.

And Justin’s haircut was the same one he normally gets — just cutting off all the long bits so it’s not so fluffy anymore.  🙂  We’re both very excited about our cuts!


  1. Wow, you got a lot cut off the front! Very cute. I like the look of layers, but I find I have trouble making it look good once I get home. Right now, I’m growing mine out again. It is at the stage that it looks good in a ponytail.

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