Delicious day

Today I didn’t work overtime, which was what I was expecting to do all week until suddenly I wasn’t going to have to work overtime!  It really came as a surprise.  So today, instead of working overtime, I slept in.  Which was especially good because I was up in the middle of the night with an upset stomach that felt like I had swallowed tacks, either as a side-effect from my flu shot on Thursday or because I gave in to my craving for Cheetos.  (Delicious radioactive orange chemical and carbohydrate crunchies!)

But sleeping in felt wonderful and my stomach felt fine when I woke up.  I went downstairs and I did yoga for about half an hour, which is half an hour longer than I’ve done yoga in the last couple months.  My goal for the next couple weeks:  get back on track with the Couch to 5K program (we got out of that when I hurt my knee), walk three of the other days of the week when we’re not running, and get back to doing my yoga.  My flexibility is completely shot.

We showered, dressed, breakfasted, relaxed a couple minutes, and then tidied up the house a little bit.  I sat down to write the post here about credit reports (you really should check yours) and watched some TV with Justin.  And then we went downstairs and cleaned the kitchen, which we’d put off earlier in our tidying, and I started a loaf of bread in the breadmaker and worked on making a pie.  We had apples and pears that were past their prime, so I baked them into a pie following this recipe.  Delicious!  And I love baking.  I love the patience of it and the intricacies of it and just the movements that go into pealing and slicing apples and mixing that with sugar, flour, and spices, and filling in a pie crust.  It’s like singing, except I get to eat it in the end.  And that analogy probably doesn’t work unless you understand how I feel when I’m singing.

Moving on.  I got that started and asked Justin to make sure it got out of the oven okay, described what it should look like in the end, and then I went for my walk.  See?  Goal:  yoga and walking.  Accomplished!  I took an umbrella with me because it looked like rain and about 10 minutes away from getting back to the house, it did start to rain.  I ran into three women who were sheltering beneath a tree, waiting to see if it would stop.  I told them I didn’t think it was going to end very soon, and they started back to their homes.  We ran into Justin about a minute later, coming to look for me with the biggest umbrella we own.  Because he’s wonderful like that and he wasn’t sure if I’d taken an umbrella with me.

We got home and I changed into dry clothes so we could go to our chiropractor appointment, saw an enormous rainbow on our way, and then we came home and started meatloaf for dinner and caught up more on television shows that started last week.  He’s been catching up on How I Met Your Mother and Modern Family and I’ve been watching NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles.

And then, finally, we got a piece of that pie!  It was amazing!

And really, I’m just writing all this because it was a wonderfully relaxed, delicious kind of day and I wanted to write it down.

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  1. Sounds like a lovely day. And Justin is a gem, bringing you the umbrella! Glad you are back to your exercising.


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