Things around here have been very busy lately.  I’ve been working several hours of overtime the last couple weeks.  And we’re still working on the Couch to 5K program three days a week.  Last night I didn’t even turn on my computer.  I’ve been *tired* and busy.

But I figured I should at least stick my head in here and let you know that we’ve got a hurricane on the way to the east coast.  So far it’s been adjusting course to go further north and east of us, but it’s possible that it’s heading this way.  (Hurricanes are big and unpredictable creatures, after all.  You’re never really sure which way they’re going to go.)

So far, we’re not concerned.  We’re *aware,* but we’re not concerned.  It’s like the difference between a tornado watch and a tornado warning – conditions are possible, but so far, we’re not looking at trouble.

If it does head our way, you can be sure that we’ll be taking appropriate action – whether that means evacuating or just making sure that we’re sandbagged into our house or whatever.  (There will not be actual sandbags.)  We have friends near Athens, GA, who would put us up, I’m sure, so there’s nothing to worry about if we have to evacuate.  And if we stay, it’s because we’re absolutely sure it’s safe to stay.

Honestly, I’m expecting that we’re going to get an impressive amount of rain over the weekend, but that’s it.  But we’ll be sure to keep you in the loop as conditions change.

And remember to pray for Mom’s surgery today!