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I just want to point out that Justin took fantastic care of me on Friday when it was so hot and that I was never in any serious danger.  He was outside with me the whole time, mowing the lawn and weed whacking, while I put the porch closet back in order and then trimmed plants.   He made sure I got water into me and that I was okay sitting to cool off.  And when I needed food and he was also too exhausted to make anything to eat, he drove me to Quiznoes and bought me a soup and sandwich combo.  (Did you know they make EXCELLENT broccoli soup?)  How he managed to do okay when he was working harder outside than I was is completely beyond me, but he was a hero and took great care of me all day.

So, Amy mentioned recently that she’s doing the Couch to 5K program again and I think that’s fantastic because we are, too!  Justin and I started up the program again last Monday and we hit week 2 day 1 yesterday (W2D1).  Our friends who live in Beaufort (but who are moving closer at the end of this month) also started the program a week ago and we’re all working on this together.  This way, when they move closer, we can go running together.  And in October, there’s a race that we can enter as a 4-person team.

It feels good to be running again.  I’ve been having a lot of trouble maintaining a consistent exercise regime and it’s been showing up in my absolute failure to lose any weight.  But I’m comfortable saying that I think we’ll stick with this and that I’ll be able to lose weight this way.  Running does wonderful things to my figure.  I just have to get past all the muscle ache and exhaustion.  And Justin and I both thoroughly enjoy running, especially when we get to do it together.

And since we’re starting now, at this point in the summer, by the time we’re fit enough to run long distances, it’ll be getting into the darker part of the year, when we need the exercise-released chemicals more than ever, and when it’ll finally be cool enough to run those long distances.  Right now?  HOT.  But it still feels great.

We have a chiropractor appointment this afternoon when I get off work and I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to that.  My shoulder’s been hurting again the last couple days.  Not as bad as it was, but it’s that same type of ache from when I got my sternoclavicular joint out of place.  Plus my neck has been killing me, probably from bending over my sewing machine for the last couple days.  I’m working on a project and sometimes I can’t sew a straight line to save my life.  And the tension on my machine is problematic.  So I pick the stitches out and try again.  And then pick them again and try yet again.  (Velcro is a pain in the neck.  Literally.)

It’s a fun project and I lose track of time while working on it.  But I think next time I’ll pick an easier project.  And one of these days I’ll actually show you what I’m working on.  But not today.  Because I’m eeeeevil like that.

And now I have Megamind stuck in my head again.  “Quick, Mignon! To the invisible car!”

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  1. Such a newsy update – thanks! Glad to hear you are running again. I am running more now, too, since it doesn’t seem to make my feet any worse. I’m not planning on doing any races, though. Those days are over. I’m just glad when I can run.

    I finally figured out that my problem isn’t that I don’t know how to eat right. My problem is binging, so I am concentrating only on that for a while – on trying to anticipate when a binge is likely, by my emotional state, and head them off. If I never binged, I’m sure I would be the right weight. It is a complicated problem, but at least I don’t throw up or use laxatives or starve myself. And at least I finally realize and admit that my eating is abnormal in a serious way. I’m too restrictive a lot of the time, then totally go crazy other times. You probably have no idea how crazy, but it certainly accounts for my size. Hope you don’t have that problem, too.


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