I just want you all to know that it was 80 degrees and greater than 75% humid when I left my house this morning at 6:15 AM.  Right now it feels like 113 degrees and it’s going to get hotter toward the early afternoon.  We’re at a “10+-Extreme” UV index level.  And even though it’s still about 72% humid, there’s a very low chance that it’ll actually rain today.

We’re under an Excessive Heat Warning from the National Weather Service that says “A few locations could experience brief periods of dangerous heat indices around 120 degrees…”

A radio host this morning recommended checking on people you know who are without air conditioning.

Going outside is like stepping into a steam bath.  It’s hot.  It’s humid.  And the added bonus is burning light, with the chance of cancer!

It’s awful and I’m so ready for fall to get here, but we’ve got all the rest of July and August to get through yet before it even hints at getting cooler.  These are the days when I really consider my decision to move to the south.

And I don’t generally go into politics but every time I turn on the radio they’re talking about the “debt crisis” and congress and the president.  And I have this to say about that:  When my personal finances are in deep trouble, what I have to do is pretty clear.  I need to bring in additional income by getting a second job and I need to stop spending money on things that I don’t need to spend money on, even if I really like those things.  And I can’t just ignore that there’s a problem or try to increase my credit card limit in order to fix the problem because it only delays the inevitable – me being completely broke and handing everything over to the bank.

I don’t know the details about what’s happening and the deals they’re trying to make or anything about the complexities of national finances, but doesn’t it make sense that spending has to be cut, tax cuts have to be removed, and there has to be some sort of give and take between both sides of the issue?  This steadfast “NO, NO, NO” and refusing to just compromise even a little bit is getting so frustrating!  No one’s going to be happy with the solution in the end, just like I’d hate losing my weekends to another job or giving up eating at restaurants.  But sometimes it has to happen in order to get everything back in line.

I would be so thrilled to get into my car and hear that both sides of the aisle are upset but they’ve finally worked out a plan that’ll solve the problem and now we can move on and talk about something else.

One thought on “Uncomfortable”

  1. I agree with you on the politics thing. I think that the hesitancy with giving in on the tax cuts is the fear that people are sacrificing for the “greater good” only to be screwed by the government when neither party has a track record of showing restraint when it comes to spending. I think we’re all afraid they wont uphold their end of the bargain by cutting unnecessary spending.

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