And we’re back up again!

If you missed it yesterday, we finally got the swap over to the new server.  Justin spent all day rebuilding the sites (his and mine) and working out all the bugs and making everything look right again.  It was a very frustrating process for him, one he might still be fighting with, actually, so if something doesn’t look right . . . don’t say anything about it.  We have plans for our evening and they don’t involve him shouting violent things at the internet.

The plans for our evening involve going to the chiropractor’s office, maybe picking up another bag of mulch from Lowe’s, going for a ride on the bikes we’re in the process of having fixed, eating leftovers for dinner, and spending time together playing a video game.

We’re actually putting money into getting our bikes put in working order, something we’re both really excited about.  There’s a shop in town that came yesterday to pick the bikes up, since the bike rack doesn’t fit on my car and they wouldn’t fit into the back.  They’re replacing the lines and fixing the brakes and putting on Justin’s new seat and making sure the wheels are aligned and cleaning them up and . . . those things are going to be SO PRETTY when we get them back home.  Hopefully they’ll be done sometime today.

For dinner, since some of you have expressed interest in what I’m eating now that I’m attempting to be carbohydrate-less, we’re eating shepherd’s pie and brussels sprouts.  (Did you know there’s an S at the end of brussels?  I didn’t!)  The shepherd’s pie is made of onions, ground beef, carrots, beans, and cauliflower.  Cauliflower is not the perfect substitute for potatoes, but it does work.  And the sprouts are oiled and salted and baked until nearly burnt and delicious, though last night they were a little bitter and could have cooked for longer.

And even through I haven’t written in a while, things here have not been quiet.  Last Friday, we went to chiropractor appointments and set up our wellness plan for the next year (hooray for unlimited visits at a serious discount paid for by flexible spending), we went by the bike shop to organize pick-up for the bikes and select a seat to replace the cracked one on Justin’s bike, stopped at Michael’s so I could get fiber fill for a flat pillow, stopped at Lowe’s for a small handful of items, went to Clarks Bostonian to swap out socks with holes in them for new ones at absolutely no cost, got items from the L’eggs-Hanes-Bali-Playtex outlet, suffered through a minor freak-out of mine, confirmed that Marshall’s is a terrible place to look for men’s pants (he knew, I didn’t), picked up snacks from a store we’d never visited before that turned out to be closing the following day and gave us free samples, went to eye doctor appointments and got our eyes dilated and picked up new contacts (another thing not paid for out of pocket!), went to Steinmart and got Justin new pants for the first time in several years while looking like drug addicts, went out to dinner at Jim ‘n’ Nicks, swung home to refrigerate the leftovers and tidy the house for 20 minutes, and then went back out again to see “Thor,” which was entertaining, but the best part was probably the lady behind us growling like a cat at the scene where he wasn’t wearing a shirt and the subsequent look on her boyfriend’s face.

It was a really fun day.  🙂  Much more fun than I anticipate this coming Friday to be since I’ll probably be working all day.

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  1. Glad I checked again tonight and glad that you are back. That Shepherd’s pie sounds really good! And I love Brussels sprouts. Did you also know that spell check will catch Brussels if you don’t capitalize it? Mine does, anyway. Glad you are having some fun days!

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