I’ve been working a lot

I know, I know.  “Where did  I go?”

Two weeks ago I was still sick.  I rested through the weekend and went to work on Monday (3/7), still feeling it a little, but not so much that I was going to stay in bed again after being stuck in bed all week.  I love my bedroom, it gets great light and and there’s lots of blankets and pillows and I can read for hours or watch TV.  But by the end of being sick, I was DONE being in there.

Justin knows what I mean, because as soon as I got over the cold, he caught it.  Same symptoms: mild cough and nasel drip and some sneezing and lots and lots and lots and LOTS of sleeping.  He got frustrated with being in bed so much, too.

That week, while he was sick, I worked on trying to catch up on the work that I had missed the week before — I only worked 12 hours that whole week when I got sick.  So I worked more than 50 hours that next week to try to catch up.  I didn’t catch up.  So this whole week I’ve been trying to do that again.  I worked normal hours on Monday, but the rest of the week I’ve been working an extra hour each day.  And I’m here at work today, too.  I hope that I won’t need to be here all day, but we’ve been trying to get 3 airplanes delivered (one of them has 3 separate documents for me to complete) and I’m behind on getting preliminary documents out for airplanes down the road.  This week, I’ve completed 6 documents and I’m working on a 7th.

It’s been a heck of a week.

For a while there, I was hanging out with friends in the evenings and weekends.  This whole month, I’ve either been sick or I’ve been working.  I’m ready to be done with this schedule.

On the positive side, because there’s sunlight in the evening and because spring is in bloom here (Sorry, all you northerners!  You should come visit! Bring lots of allergy meds!), Justin and I have been going for walks when I get home.  We wander around the neighborhood mostly, not going very fast, just making sure to get outside and stretch our legs after sitting in front of computers all day long.  And it’s been a really enjoyable time, wandering around and babbling about books we’ve read and things in the news and other random things floating around in our brains.  I’ve enjoyed it so much that yesterday, even though we had a chiropractor appointment after I got home, I found a place where we could go for a walk before we hit a couple stores for things.  It’s a big patch of woods just off the main road.  With trails!  It’s just there, without much information about it and with no one in sight the whole time we walked around.  It’s the perfect place to go running, I think, because the trails are in pretty good condition and it’s wooded, so it’ll stay cool, and it’s beautiful!  I’m excited to go back there again.

And I’m hoping that next week will be significantly more quiet than this last week.  My intention is to work no overtime the whole week.  And to not have people asking when I’m going to finish something because I really need to have it done by such-n-such date so there’s time for review and oh, by the way, did I know about this really significant change to the scope of the project?

Anyway.  It’s the end of my lunch so I’ve got to get back onto this.  But that’s what’s been going on.  Life should calm down a little soon.  It’s either that or I make myself calm down and the rest of life can just carry on with the crazy by itself, thank you very much.

By the way, my shoulder is feeling more and more healed.  It still hurts when I move it certain ways and sleeping is still annoyingly paintful, but it doesn’t ache with that throbbing ache that it did a couple weeks ago.  I’m still icing it sometimes and I’m still taking it easy on that arm and we still have no idea how I managed to injure it in the first place, but it’s getting better.


  1. Glad to hear you are still among the living, but sorry to hear that your life has been so busy. We’ve been busy, too, but not abnormally so. Maybe I’ll try to catch you on the phone tonight.


  2. I’ll call you this weekend sometime so we can finally catch up again. I was going to call you this afternoon, but it sounds like it was a good thing I didn’t–since you’re still at work. 🙂

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